Two thumbs up

The kids were pretty good today. My first two hours were really....sluggish and disinterested. I blame it on the weather, because I know when it's cold and rainy, I get that same way! They read "The Crisis" by Thomas Paine. It didn't captivate me, so I honestly didn't enjoy it. Tomorrow they're reading the Declaration of Independence, I'm a history buff, so I can't wait to read that with them.

Meaghan and Emma come back tomorrow! Meaghan and I might go to O'Connell's tomorrow night or Saturday.

Bad News...the Megan Mullally show has been cancelled. So, I don't know if our ultra fun road trip challenge will happen or not. Maybe NBC will film it still and just use it for another tv show. I emailed the producers back and asked them. I'd hate to film the audition tape for nothing.

I might go out with my sister tonight. Not sure yet though.