A is for Awesome

Today is my parent's 25th wedding anniversary! That is Awesome! Congratulations mom and dad!

I think Matt and I got in a fight last night. I'm not exactly sure, all I know is that I felt like crap after talking to him. But then he said, "Okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow". So, if we were fighitng surely he wouldn't talk to me then. Gosh! I don't know! Grr!

I'm subbing at the Mid-High today in an Oklahoma History class. I love history! This should be great fun!


Sunday is Fun Day!

The internship turned out to be not what I expected. I think I'll stick to subbing for now. Although I did apply for a Marketing internship with the Blazers.

I went to OBA yesterday to watch Matt's band play. They placed 8th. I thought they did a fantastic job. I'm supposed to be receiving a massage from Mr. Matt today. He called me at 2 this morning. I was fast asleep, I woke up and talked to him for a while. It felt like I was on the phone for a really long time, but when I checked my phone this morning it was only 3 minutes. How crazy is that? I have no concept of time when I'm tired.

I'm in the mood to cook today. I might make my famous "sausage, peppers and onions". Yum-O!
I'm on the hunt for Orzo pasta. I saw Rachael Ray make some orzo and it looked amazing. If you find some, call me!



Had an interview yesterday for a Marketing job...."Producer/Office Assistant" It went decent. I liked the company. Today was amazing though. I had an interview for an internship at a Sports and Entertainment Marketing Agency. It was awesome. The President of the company interviewed me and 2 guys at the same time. It went very well. He believes that the employees should be OUT in the field meeting people and making connections, which means not a lot of office time. I really liked that. I want to be OUT seeing how things work, and not be just stuck behind a desk. I should hear something back tonight between 7 and 8. So, please keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for me.


About last night...

Yesterday was fun. I went to The Affiar of the Heart with my mom. I bought a few little trinkets. Then I came home and just hung out, made dinner and was a lazy bum all afternoon. Around 8:30 I decided that I was in the mood to bake (I was watching the Food Network) and decided to make a cake. I was talking to Matt online and he said, "Make me a cake!" So, I made a german chocolate cake and went to Matt's. Our friend Sean was there, and I haven't seen Sean since we graduated. Sean was pretty much wasted by the time I got there. I drank 2 beers and then we ran out, so we all piled into Matt's Jetta (Matt hadn't been drinking yet) and we made a run to 7-11 to get some more. I bought a 24oz Bud Light. The boys bought 12 packs. I'm not a big drinker, so after 2 regular size beers and the JUMBO Bud Light I was feeling it, big time. I handed over my keys (because drinking and driving is NOT cool) and hung out.

We played some video game that Matt had (I lost, of course). Then we were messing around with Facebook and MySpace and watched Scary Movie and Love Actually. Then Matt and I decided to take silly pictures, which were SO fun! I need to get him to upload them so I can see them. We have the funniest picture where we're picking each others noses. Slightly, gross, yes, but really fun. Then we have a picture with our surprised faces on. Cute stuff. He went out with that girl yesterday, but he said it didn't go well. After all, he was home by like, 8:30. So...that couldn't have been good. Anyway, he was really flirty last night. We got into about a million tickle fights and battled to the death with a hackey sack. I totally tried to hit him in the balls with it and then he ran and takcled me onto his bed and attacked me until I almost peed my pants. Fun times. I sobered up and left around 5:00am. I slept until noon today and to be honest, I could still sleep some more.

Jessica is on her way over and we're going to plan our trip....we're thinking about a cruise.


I'll show you mine if you show me yours....

Scrap space, silly!

There is nothing I love more than spending countless hours in my scrapbook "studio". I feel weird calling it a studio. I hear studio and I think super artsy...mod decor. Mine is pretty much just a big room filled with scrapbook goodies and trinkets. However, it's MINE and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

So, without further ado, here is my scrap space.

My table is 6 feet long. It's got 4 Rubbermaid 12x12 paper trays (2 are stacked on top of eachother) The one on the left has paper in it (reds and pinks together, oranges and yellows together, greens, blues and purples together, blacks, browns and whites together and the bottom tray is scraps of any color). The Rubbermaid stackable drawers on the right have embellishments in them. Heidi Swapp Silk flowers, buttons, die cuts, beads. They also hold my eyelet setter, and Making Memories stamps. The grey bars on the wall, those are my favorite, they're metal and I have heavy duty magnets holding pictures, cards and letters, a Ziploc bag filled with stamps. My Sizzix Machine is on the desk too along with small metal buckets that I found at Target for $1 (They're filled with Foof-a-la buttons!

Next is the Wall of Great Things. First, you'll see my fridge. (Filled with bottled water, Coke, Root Beer and Bud Light) My mom found this AMAZING shelf and bought it for $5!
Top row has random things I've made, and mason jars filled with ribbon, along with 7 bottles of Prima flowers. I've got little bottles of paint, glitter, my heat embossing gun, 4 shelves of ribbon and ric rac, 2 shelves of wooden mounted stamps and 1 self of the clear stamps, 3 shelves full of chipboard letters and other little chipboard decorations, 2 shelves with rub ons. I love those blank books from 7 Gypsies. I've got about 4 shelves of naked books just begging for me to decorate them. Also, I've got a few shelves of stickers, organzied by (alphabet, designer, and theme)

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it and if you want to come over and scrap....you just let me know!


My latest project...

I'm making a window for my friend Meaghan to give to her sister for Christmas. It's super cute! I love it! Here's a picture! THe main colors are pink and goldish brown.


i am here to live out loud

Tulsa was great. My dad had to work up there today, so I tagged along and drove the Equinox and we had a great time. We delivered a laminator at a preschool and then delivered some film at "Wee Ministries" Super cute! We stopped at this little mexican restaurant in Okmulgee for lunch. Yum yum! They had the BEST tamales!

Of course, a trip to Tulsa would not be complete without a stop by Scraphappy's. I loaded up! *See picture* Lots of nice treats from 7 Gypsies, My Mind's Eye, Heidi Swapp and ATC Collections. I'm madly in love with the ATC collection paper pads from Memories In The Making. Just wonderful. They're these little pads of 40 papers about the size of your drivers license. They've got lots of cute vintage people in them. So wonderful. Ideas have been dancing through my head all afternoon! I'm also drooling over the 7 Gypsies 97% Certifiable Seal Stamps. The one I bought just has the blank lines so I can journal on them. SO wonderful. I can't wait to play with it!

Tomorrow is full of fun things! First, I'll be doing paperwork for my dad's business, then we're going to get the windows tinted on my Equinox and finally we're going to the Mustang football game tomorrow night against PC West. Busy day!

Jess is coming over tonight and we're going to see Man of The Year with Robin Williams. It looks pretty funny, so I hope it's good! Then we're probably going to get a few drinks.

I almost forgot! On Monday my dad and I went to the gun range and I learned how to shoot guns! So exciting and exhilerating! I was actually a really good shot. I'll post a picture of that too!
Wow! This was a long post! I'm off to be a carefree college student and enjoy my fally break!


Lovely, you're always lovely.....

Some days Dr. Phil really gets on my last nerve, but today I actually like him. He did a show today about run away teens. Very interesting stuff.

Subbing was good today. I had a few naughty kids, but they were easily taken care of with a time out. There is nothing more humiliating for high school kids than a time out. Love that.

I went to Matt's house last night and played video games with him for a few hours. No alcohol for us this time, we both had to teach today, so we were responsible. I totally kicked his butt last night. We played some race car game and I wasted him. Life is good.

I've mentioned it before, but I love the OAR song, "Love and Memories" it's SUCH a good song!

I think I'll ask a few professors tomorrow where I go to look for a Marketing internship for the summer. Surely the school gets stuff like that and has internship positions for students. I want a fun fun internship where I can get excited about work. Yay!


Fall Break

So, the date with Ryan didn't happen. I went to Riverwind Casino with Leslie, Cara and Leslie's 4 aunts. I played blackjack and then, left with Jessica. Then, I went to Matt's house and drank and played video games. Fun times.

I'm subbing tomorrow at the high school, SO excited. I love subbing at the high school the best. Those are my favorite kids.

I have a Management test Tuesday. It's open book. Yay! I can't wait for Fall Break. I have no plans, I just want to hang out and be a lazy college kid. Maybe I'll run to Tulsa for the day. Hmm...we'll see.


Today is the day...

and I'm nervous as hell. I have class this afternoon from 3-5. Then I have to run to the grocery store and get some chicken and a few other odds and ends. Then, it's time to go to Ryan's house. Life is so confusing....things I want, things I don't want...do I honestly have the time and energy to devote to someone else? It's selfish, I know, but I have a lot of other things going on. School, work, and I've got about 2 window projects I've been working on. Plus, I need to find an internship for the summer. So, the main question is....do I have time?

My friend Jessica is getting married tomorrow, so I can't stay out too late tonight.


ooh la la

So, I've got a date Friday night with the fabulous Mr. Ryan. Shuld be lots of fun. Leslie and I ran up to Edmond last night and we hung out with Ryan at his apartment for a while. It's a complete bachelor pad. I'm cooking dinner on Friday night at his apartment. Then we're watching a movie. Oh, and I'm making him clean. The way I see it, if I'm going to be spending time over there, it's going to be clean. Anyway, it should be lots of fun. Leslie LOVED him! So, that's good

I subbed in PE today. We played Dodgeball. Fun stuff....dodgeball rocks.


Rain rain, go away....

I re-read the post below and realized that it didn't make much sense. Therefore, let me explain:

When I want to make someone mad, I call them selfish. Nobody likes to be called selfish. So, apparently someone made me mad and I said they were selfish and then bragged to Jeromee about how I said they were selfish. So he tried it and apparently it works. Sweet.

I talked to Ryan last night. He's super nice. I think we're going out Saturday. Although, I'll be in Edmond Friday night for my class that only meets like 3 times the semester, so I might talk to him and see if Friday would be good. We'll see though. Friday is only like, 3 days away. I'm super super nervous.

Should be rainy today. *boo* I hate the rain. Especially when I have to walk in it on my way to class. Ick.

Tomorrow I'm subbing at Trails for the PE teacher. *Stop laughing* I'm totally the most unathletic person ever. This should be interesting...

I can't wait to come home and take a nap this afternoon. I'm SO tired. Enjoy your day!


rainy day...

My friend Jeromee, he's so funny. He said this today, "SOOO I remember this one time a long time ago when you said that to really make someone mad you should call them selfish. So I did that today and it worked."
Jeromee cracks me up. He's my first friend I met when I went to OU my freshman year of college.

Good day!


If you can not be the poet; be the poem

Good morning my loyal readers...well, just Kim since she's the only that ever leaves comments.

Jessica and I went out last night. I called her around 10pm and wanted to go do something...ice cream cones, drinks, just something. She came over and we went to Chili's and got drinks and dessert. *yum* This was the first time they didn't check our ID's. I mean, we're both 21. But usually when I order a drink I always get carded. Maybe it's just a sign that we're getting older.

I talked to "him" last night while I was out with Jess. I sent a text message to him and about or 3 minutes later he called. We talked for 10-15 minutes. He's going to call me on Monday and "maybe we can hang out this week". *yay* SO exciting.

I'm watching "Jerry Maguire" right now. I love that movie. Especially that little boy....he's so darn cute!


Come to what life may bring you

What a day! I wasn't supposed to sub until 11:30 today, but the school called this morning and asked if I could come in early and fill in for a 4th grade teacher. I obliged and the rest of the day is history.

No big plans for tomorrow. I might run by the scrapbook store, but I'm not sure.

Have some new potential on the Great American Boyfriend Hunt. I met him at school....nice guy. I don't want to post too much just in case things don't work out...just keep your fingers crossed for me.

Enjoy your weekend!



Do you ever feel like there's just so much going on at once? School, work, finding an internship, picking out classes for next semester, mid-terms coming up, ahhh...make it all stop...or at least slow down!

I can't believe mid-terms are coming up! Scary as hell! In case you haven't heard, I changed my major to just Marketing. I dropped the Education part. I want to have some actual experience in the Marketing field before I teach. Plus, if I am able to find a job that I enjoy and it pays well, then I might forget the teacher thing all together. I really have this urge to just go out there and get a REAL marketing job....promotions, advertising, I want to do it all. I want to move...Tulsa preferrably and get a job at a museum, music/entertinment venue, radio station, hospital, just some place where I can do some marketing. I'm super creative...how many people do you know that make up songs to remember how to figure the unemployment rate, steps in the hiring process or the different forms of management. *Yes, I'm just THAT talented*

I'm re-evaluating things in my life right now....just trying to take a step back and get things in line so that I can make myself a better person. I fully believe that to be great you must surround yourself with great people. I do my best thinking when I'm driving and right now I have a major urge to get in my vehicle and just drive and drive and drive. I've got some decisions I need to make involving people in my life and the time I might want to invest in certain relationships. Why must this be so complicated?

"In the absence of a vision, there can be no clear and consistant focus. In the absence of a dream, there can be no renewal of hope. In the absence of philosophy, there can be no real meaning to work and to life itself." - Joe Batten


4 day weekend! *woo*

Having a fun weekend? I ran some errands yesterday...Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, Penn Square Mall. Then I came home and worked on a book I'm making for my sister for her Birthday tomorrow. We're feuding right now, but it would be extremely rude to not get her something for her 20th birthday, so I decided to make her something.

I have an Economics test on Tuesay. I'm not working tomorrow so I can study for it. I'm hoping I do well. I got an A in my micro class last semester...I just hope I can pull an A or a B in my macro class this fall.

My litte puppy Susie is sick. She hasn't been feeling well. I gave her lots of love yesterday and she's been hanging aorund snuggling with me this morning. She's wonderful.