Oh so busy!

Hello hello!

It's been busy busy around here. I've got 6 papers/projects/reviews/experiments due by April 7th. Goodness!

Did I go to Math at all this week? Um, no. I'm a terrible person. I need to take notes over the days I missed.

I've got a book review for European History. I chose "Nations and Nationalism". It's got about 149 pages, but I feel like the book is written way over my head. It'll be one of those books that I need to take notes over as I read it.
I also have a test in European History two weeks from today. I need to set up a time to have a study group with Quentin and Desiree and we can start working on the study guide.

Child Psychology test on Tuesday the 3rd. I need to type up my half of the study guide and email it to Cindy. (We split the study guide in half, so we wouldn't have to do it all by ourselves)
I have an experiment to do for Child Psych too. We have to get a 5 year old kid and a 10 year old kid and have them answer some questions about perception. *If you have a 5 or 10 year old kid I can borrow, let me know*

Oklahoma History. Where do I begin. I have an article review due pretty soon. Most of the articles are online, however, this particular book I need is only available in the library. I've NEVER been to the library at UCO. Isn't that sad?

Lots to do!


Kiss My Ice

I had advanced screening tickets to see "Blades of Glory" tonight. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are hilarious! It's a very funny movie, Jessica and I loved it.

I'm subbing 9th grade English tomorrow. I really like the 9th-12th graders. They're my favorites. I'm just hoping I have a well behaved class tomorrow. I hate it when mean Miss Westin to come out. She's not pretty. Are you scared yet?

I'm pretty much obsessed with biscotti. It's SO good. It's been my breakfast for the past 3 days. Mmm, chocolate hazelnut is my favorite. Yummmm....

Must go to bed now. Today was a long day of school. I got a lot done, but man...I'm in need of some sleep.

Peace out.



It's Monday. I did nothing (once again). Tried to get a Dr's appt, they can't see me until next Wednesday. That doesn't do me much good now, does it? My mom also makde me an appointment with the allergy doctor for May 7th. Damn! I could die between now and then. Help a girl out...ya know?

The parents went to Outback with some friends tonight. I'm a jealous. I love Outback. Their house salad and garlic mashed potatoes...HELLO! Yum yum! In the mean time, I'll be making chicken taquitos. Well, heating them up anyway, they're from Sam's...gotta love that.

I'm subbing 9th grade English on Wednesday and middle school Per-Algebra on Friday. Gotta make some money!

I'm not looking forward to getting back to school tomorrow. Well, that's a lie. I'm excited about going back, I'm just not excited about waking up early. *Can ya blame me?*



Go Tony Go!

Crafting > School

Last official day of spring break. *sigh* Where did the time go? Ha ha. I'm ready to get back to school and finish up these last 5 weeks of class. I counted and I only have 11 more days of school. That's a way better way of looking at it if you ask me. I get to enroll for my classes at OU on April 12th.

I've been in purse mode yesterday and this morning. I started on another purse like the one I made yesterday. This one is a little different, it's an odd, triangle/square shape. Hard to describe, but it has a beaded handle. So cute. I've decoupaged it this morning, so I'm waiting for it to dry. I think I might add some ribbon to it and those darling little Daisy D's flower punches. I'd have to fluff them up a bit, so they're not so flat, maybe curl the edges or something to give them a 3D look.

I'm still waiting on my Nations and Nationalism book to get here. Is it nerdy that I'm actually really excited to read this book? I should also start on my review sheet for our next European History test. I don't know when it is yet, but I figure if I get a head start on it, the material might sink in a little deeper. Just a theory. :-)

I need to get a few more pages done for Desiree's book. She gave me this huge Ziplock bag full of pictures and I think I've made a grand total of 3 pages for her. I need to get some more done before I see her on Tuesday.

Have I mentioned that I don't like my Child Psychology class? It's a complete waste of my time. She spends too much time telling personal stories and not enough time teaching the material, which is extremely frustrating. It also might have helped if I actually bought the book for the class. Ehh, I've managed without the book thus far, I'm sure I can make it the last few weeks.

I'm hoping we get our Oklahoma History tests back Tuesday. We took the tests last Thursday and I'm dying to see how I did. I know I did well on the multiple choice, short ID's and fill in the blanks, but the essay was kinda shady. It asked us to write about missionary schools in Oklahoma Territory. Um, hello! There were 3 main ones and several smaller ones. Did he just want us to talk about the establishment of the schools? The legislation forming the schools? The missionaries that taught? The curriculum covered in each school? The students that attended the schools? The funding? I lightly touched on each topic, but my essay wasn't too deep since there were SO many Missionary schools, each with their own curriculum, student demographics, history, etc. I hope I did well enough.

I don't have a sub job yet for tomorrow, and honestly, I'm okay with that. Hopefully I can catch up on a few things. I mean, it's not like I just had an entire week off....oh...wait....I did.

Alright, I suppose I should finish getting ready for the day. After all, I've got lots to do!



So, about this purse swap I signed up to do. It was harder than I thought. I'm not gonna lie. I got a purse and decoupaged it twice and hated it. Today, I finally finished it and I LOVE it. I'm thinking about keeping this one for myself and making another one for the swap. I just love the Daisy D's paper. It's seriously, the cutest! I'm going to attach some ribbon to the handle. Let me just say this....these little squares are a pain. They're 3/4" and I must have punched out....400 squares. Oh well, it's the price you pay I suppose....

Happy Saturday!


Oh it gives me a thrill....

Let me just say this....

I love buying things online. It's seriously, the best thing ever. I had to buy a book for my European history class. It's called "Nations and Nationalism". It's sad, but I'm really excited about reading it. Which leads me to this: I am officially a history nerd. *sigh* Is there a support group I should join?


When will it be over?

Like I've mentioned on here numerous times, my spring break has sucked incredibly bad. I was really looking forward to today though, because my mom has the day off work and we were having a girls day and go shopping and get pedicures.

I went to Norman last night with Meaghan but I had to cut the night short becuase I had an allergic reaction to something. I came home and took some Benadryl and relaxed in bed. A few minutes later, my mom tells me that I need to clean my room. Keep in mind I took the Benadryl (about 30 minutes before) and it was beginning to make me tired. So, I wake up this morning at 7:45 and my mom says, "Since you didn't clean your room, you can't go today". SHE LEFT ME HERE! So, on top of my terrible spring break, the one day I was looking forward to, didn't happen.

Whitney called me around 11 and wanted to hang out, so we decided to meet for lunch at 1:30 and then go to Norman to visit the Fred Jones art museum and the Sam Noble museum of Natural History. We meet up for lunch and then she decides that she doesn't want to go to the museums. Go figure.

I come home around 3:00-ish from lunch with Whitney and my mom is back. At this point, I have nothing to say to her and I'm kinda sad/mad they she left me behind, so I went into my room, shut the door and decided to spend the rest of my Spring Break sleeping (it'll go by quicker that way). It's 6:00 now, and I woke up from my nap and went to get some water. I'm in the kitchen and my mom says, Do you want to see the stuff I got today? Hmmm, let me think about that for a second......no. Oh wait, why don't you show me all the cool things you got today while you left me behind.

Sorry for the paragraphs of bitching. I really did have a fun night in Norman yesterday. Meaghan and I power-walked on campus for about an hour. We roamed around a few buildings taking pictures and found some gorgeous flowers and took pictures by those. The flowers on campus are SO beautiful.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I'm working all day at the scrapbook store and we got in LOTS of new stuff from Daisy D's, and Heidi Swapp. I should be a very busy girl! I'll bring some things of my own to work on, I'm looking forward to it a bunch!


Fun times tonight....

The guy Whitney wanted to set me up with called me. We talked for an hour and 15 minutes today. He seems like a really nice guy. I'm going to Norman tonight with Meaghan. Then we're going to go to O'connell's and I'll probably call Keith to see if he wants to meet us there. Whitney's coming and is bringing some of her friends. Big groups = no pressure/awkwardness.

I ran by 7ML today and wooo they have so many fantastic new things. LOVE them! I got the big Heidi Swapp playing cards, ghost clocks, and a bunch of the new Daisy D's. So cute!

Alright, I must run. Take care!


I'm an idiot....

Just realized that I didn't post the picture of the stars we got from Pottery Barn! What a silly girl I am! Anyway, here they are!!!

A sneak peek....

My class tonight was cancelled. This makes me sad. However, on a brighter note, I get to work at the store on Friday! This makes me very happy! So, while I'm working I can work on my kit from the class. Woo! I love new projects!

Do you want to see the cutest thing ever? Meet Thumbelina. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory?id=2965022 She makes my heart melt. The article is so cute. I want one.
Speaking of cute things. Look who just popped out from under my bed. (Don't look at my mess!!) And what's that in her mouth? Her beloved chewy. She hides her "treasures" under my bed (for safekeeping). There's no telling what's under there, a sock, a squeaker toy, some stuffing from one of her toys, and a small collection of chewy's. It's slightly gross, however, I find it cute that my room is her "safe place" for storing her wordly possessions.

I got a little picture happy this afternoon, so here are a few pictures of things happening at the Westin household. Remember my big key from Pottery Barn? My mom ordered the giant spoon and fork for our kitchen and they came! They're HUGE, but a lot lighter than the gigantic key. She also ordered the stars on the mantle from Pottery Barn....can you say 'on sale for 19.99?' Awesome, huh? And who made that lovely and oh-so-festive "SPRING" garland/swag? Yup, that would be me.


Lots to do today.....

Well, hello there. :-)

For someone who did absolutely nothing yesterday, I was so exhausted. Why is that?

I must be more productive today. Should I wash my car? It's only going to rain.....I vote no. I might bring my mom lunch today. Maybe I'll run out to the mall and get some new spring clothes. It's been forever since I've gone shopping. Seriously....forever.

I'm taking a scrapbook class tonight! So excited about that. I totally just now remembered. *woo* I think tonight is the wall hanging....next week is the garland I think.

So, I still haven't gotten a message from this guy my sister wants to set me up with. He was online last night, but still, no message. Oh well, I'm not going to worry about it. I have too many things going on to worry about him.

Maggie and Susie are snuggled together in my bed. Those two are so stinkin cute.

Alright, I'm going to start getting ready...it's 9:30 already! Goodness!


Oh Happy Day!

Today is a very special day! Why? It's Kim's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Kim!


A few pretties....

The Day After...

Good morning! Man! Yesterday was LOADS of fun. I worked at the store all day and Kim, Joey and Kensington came by. Everyone was wearing green of course, they're such a cute little bunch.

A little while later, Meaghan and her sister Julie came by to say hi. Meaghan thought the store was the most adorable thing ever. She's all about the shabby chic motif.

After work I drove down to Norman and Meaghan and I went to O'Connell's for their St. Patrick's Day party. Talk about fun! We met our friend Ruthy down there and drank a green beer. Meaghan was pretty tipsy, I only had one drink because I was driving. I have never seen so many intoxicated people in my life. Craziness!

No big plans for today. I might make a few scrapbook pages, maybe do some shopping...who knows.

My mom has Thursday off so we're going to have a girls day. I think we'll go to the Oklahoma Museum of Art and then get pedicures. So fun!

Alright, it's 11:15 and I'm still in my pajamas....I should get going.


Top O' the morning to ya....

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I swear, you just have to love the only holiday which encourages drinking. Green beer...here I come.

I worked for a few hours at the scrapbook store. *sigh* That place is just...magical. So whimsy and full of fun things. I can't wait until we move into the new store. It's going to be awesome.

Okay, I must run to bed now. I'll post more tomorrow!


A day in the life...

My newest creation! Isn't it lover-ly? It's going to chronicle my day. The cards represent times. Under the cards it's going to have a mini-timeline of sorts. The other side is going to have pictures of things I use everyday on it, or thing I do during that time frame. I used the new Basic Grey Scarlet Letter line and I'm madely in love with it! SO cool. I love the grey, red, black, pink, green and brown. It's delightful. I also added a silver Twinkle Type "H" on it.

Can't wait to see it once it's all finished!!!
Kim and I ran to Norman and goofed around for a while. She's the best and we had this amazing brownie treat with vanilla ice cream and brandy on it. SO good! Warm chocolatey goodness melting in your mouth (and burning your tongue), but well worth it. :-)
I'm subbing 11th grade English tomorrow. Heck yes! I love working at the high school.
I started on my map for my European history class, but I'm having a few problems. My cute friend Quentin offered to help me with it. He's a doll. *giggles* He's wonderful and SO smart and good at history....right up my alley.
I still have so much to do, so I can't make any promises about posts this week. I've got an article review to do for my Oklahoma history class and a test in that class, a math project and a math quiz and numerous other things. But on a brighter note, the week after is SPRING BREAK! I know I can use that time to make some delightful goodies.


I've got that something that's been going around.....

Creative juice perhaps? Just a few little pretties I made this afternoon. My former high school (which is also the school I substitute teach at) made it to the state championship in girls basketball, they lost, but they fought their little hearts out. So sad for them, and yet so proud that they made it that far! They were the State Champions last year.

This little cutie is my friend Kim's daughter, Kensington. Tell me she's not the cutest thing you've ever seen. *sigh* LOVE that girl!!!

I got the inspiration for the paper pieced house from Teresa;s blog. http://www.teresamcfayden.typepad.com/ lots of yummy goodies there for your reading pleasure!

Finally, the wedding page is a leftover picture from my cousin Jane's wedding. Such a happy day!

That's all folks! Toodles!
P.S. - I must be more productive tomorrow! I have so much work for school to do (see previous post) and did I do any of it today? Nope. What a procrastinator I am!


Your Illusion

Today was a much better day substituting wise. There's such a difference in maturity and behavior from middle school to high school. I'm subbing at the high school again on Monday and next Friday.

I can't wait for daylight saving time to get here!!! I'm ready for some sunshine in the evenings then I can scrapbook all evening. I've got some really pretty ideas floating through my head right now.

I'm looking forward to Spring Break, mostly so I can just "catch up" on sleep and my growling list of things to do. I'm not going anywhere this year. However, before I can have any fun, I have a Math project due, a quiz in Math, an Oklahoma History quiz, a map project due in European History an article review due in Oklahoma History and a test in Oklahoma History as well. I'm pretty sure you know what I'll be doing this weekend. Busy busy!

"you've got me wrapped up in your illusion"


I wish I had some interesting things to post...unfortunately I don't. I'm boring. I can't help it.


A creative spurt of sorts...

3 layouts AND a vintage window?!?! Yes, my friends, it is true.

The "kiss" layout is my cousin Jane and her new husband, Jake. Such a darling couple with so much love for eachother. Makes my heart melt into a little puddle....

"together" is my sister and her man, Chris. These two are like two peas in a pod. Chris is perfect for her.
The last one is me and Meaghan. I've used this picture of us for a few projects, but this is my fav.

Finally, the window is a project I'm working on for my aunt, uncle and cousins. I've been in love with the Bohemia line for MME ever since it came out. I'm a sucker for brown and any color paired with it.


a little of this....a little of that......

Still no word on my European History test. I did get my Oklahoma History article review back though. I got a 100 on it. He said that most people got B's and he only gave out "a handful" of A's. I'm so lucky to have got one....however I did work my butt off on that paper, so I think I deserved it.

I had lunch with Jessica today. I missed that girl! I haven't seen her in a week!

After school I ran by 7ML to drop off my layout for the kit. So many new and wonderful things came in! Anna Griffin, Melissa Francis and some others. It's all very botanical-y. Lots of fourishes and damasks. SO pretty! I can't wait to make something wonderful with it. I'm thinking the Anna Griffin line, which is pink, black and white, would look great in a window.

On my way home I got a phone call to substitute tomorrow for a band director. I've never subbed in a music class before. It should be interesting!



I did something shady. Borderline un-ethical, but we've all done it. I'm going to be as broad and general as I can be....my favorite band's CD doesn't drop here in the states until May, however, it dropped in Japan a few weeks ago and it's all over the internet. A friend sent me a link and I got to listen to it and it's so delicious! It's the best thing they've ever done.

I must listen to it now, while I take a hot bubble bath. It will be delightful, yes.

School tomorrow. That means I have to see him tomorrow. No bueno. I'm not in the mood to get into it with him again. Totally ruins my day when we fight.

I've kinda got my scedule planned for May intersession, summer school, August intersession and the fall semester. I just haev to hope and pray that none of the classes I want get filled up. I'd have to kick some ass then *ha ha*.

I need to drop my layout off at the store Tuesday. I'm so excited about making all of these kits! I also want to take 2 of the classes this month. They sound so yummy!



All Hail the Queen!

Happy March! Let me just tell you, that I love March 1st. I love writing the word March. I love the fact that it's the month that spring break is in and I love the fact that it means that spring is here! Also, today is my mom's birthday!

The math test ate my lunch. I was totally lost. GRRR.

I brought my mom lunch today for her birthday. My 11am class was cancelled so after lunch with my mom I ran to 7ML to pick up some yummy treats and say. I had to make an emergency trip to the dentist today. I've had really swollen puffy gums for the past week, they've been so sensitive and they're bleeding. NOT GOOD. My dentist asked me if I had been stressed out lately. Duh! I mean with stuff with the boyfriend, and tests/papers due at school, who isn't stressed? He said that when you're stressed, your immune system is weakened and that you're more prone to infections. So, I have a gum infection and he said it was really bad and that if I had waited another week to come in, my gums would have "died". It's so weird because they were all red and swollen, but right next to the tooth, they were white. Anyway, he said when your gums get all white, that means they're dying. Gross.

So, I'm on medication now and I have some special mouth rinse to use. He said that things should be all better in 3 to 4 days. I super hope so because it's yucky and it hurts. I *heart* my dentist. He's such a hottie.

While I was at 7ML, Corrine said I get to be a Queen! I can't tell you exactly what she's going to do with it, but it's going to be awesome, let me just say that.

Grey's is on tonight! Horray!