Sorry Kim, I stole your date for the title idea. Just testing it out to see if I like it for my blog or not.

School starts in an hour and fifteen minutes!!! Lots of numbers swirling through my head today:
5:40 - the time I woke up
2 - the number of times I've peed this morning (you didn't need to know that, but when I'm nervous I have to pee)
15 - the number of hours I'm taking this semester
40 - the number of minutes it takes me to drive to UCO
1000 - the radio station I listen to in my car
2 - puppies still sleeping in my bed
4 - keleenex's I've blown my nose in...I think I'm getting sick.
93 - the number of kids Mr. Killackey has that I'd rather be subbing for today instead of going to school
1 - new Donna Downey bag that's coming with me to school today. I'll be a hot diva
1 - friend Kim that I can walk with to the Education building!
3:15 - finally free, school is over!
3 - more days until this weekend!!!

Okay, that was slightly fun. I've seen something like that on Ali Edwards' blog before. Unfortunately, her's is much cooler than mine.

OKay, I must run! Wish me luck!