I'm gonna make dinner tonight. Well, my mom is making seafood or pork for her and my dad, I'm not in the mood for that, so I'm making pasta I think. I seriously love pasta. I could eat that every day!

I'm wicked tired. I'm done subbing at the 9th grade center, those kids aren't as fun as the high schoolers.

So tired....must go take a nap now.

Isn't this weather crazy? I totally don't want to go to school if it's cold tomorrow!


Such a long day

I'm so stinkin tired. I woke up at the butt crack of dawn so I could get up for school. I had a math quiz *boo*

My dad's birthday is Thursday. After school I stopped at the mall and got him a shirt. I think it'll look nice on him. I need to get him a toy, tool or play thing of some sorts. I always used to hate it when I just got clothes for my birthday.

Must rub, it's 10:15 and I'm an old woman. Off to bed I go.


I am a total badass

So we had our homeowners association meeting tonight. Our problem neighbor was there and was a total jackass. He tried to start a fight with my dad about his building being next to our house and not behind our house. For the average moron, you would think that's how it looks. Anyway, the problem neighbor kept being an ass and my dad kept shooting him down, and flipping him off. So, I raised my hand to speak and pretty much shut the problem neighbor down. Legally speaking, the front of your house is where your mailbox is located. Therefore, since our mailbox is on Wimberley Drive, that is the front of our house. Not, where wour front door is. I clearly explained this to him in my firm "teacher voice". I was very clear and precise about how the laws and covenants are written. He tried to raise his voice at me, but I got louder and domainted. I'm pretty much a badass.

NOBODY picks on my family, or me. I don't tolerate it. He showed everyone what a true jackass he really is. After the meeting was over, several of my neighbors came up to me and told me how brave I was and how they thought it was so nice of me to stick up for my dad.


Do you know what Waterloo is? It Napoleon's last major battle against the Brittish and the Prussians before he was exiled to St. Helena where he died jsut six years later. I found a special on the Discovery channel last night about the Battle of Waterloo. I used the DVR to record it. I emailed my professor and he wants a copy. Maybe I'll be in his good graces this semester. *wink*


Dont' stop believing....

Look at this horrible stuff! My room from back in 1997. Look at all those Hanson posters! My mom used to say I had Hanson wallpaper. Also, look at the collage on the back of my door. Crazinesss.
As for the picture on the right, What does Hanson in Taiwan have to do with rose stickers? What was I thinking?

{ wheels in the sky keep on turning }

I bought Journey's Greatest Hits yesterday. Let me just say that I'm madly in love with this CD.

I've stayed super busy today, doing homework like a mad woman! I didn't get home this morning until 1:30 and then slept until noon! I got up and started working on my article for Oklahoma History. My article was over Oklahoma's first college, High Gate. It was a very interesting article. I felt like I learned a lot. I actually enjoyed writing this article review.

Maggie is curled up in a ball next to me on the couch. She's a very tired girl.

I'm subbing tomorrow and Wednesday at the 9th grade center for English. Hopefully while they're reading "Great Expectations" I can get my reading done for Oklahoma History. Heck, it's only 4 pages. I should be able to get that done easily.

My mom is making lemonade cookies. I have no idea what those are, but they sound delightful. She also made fruity pebble rice krispie treats. I love it when she's in a baking mood. *wink*

Last night was fun. We all went to O'Connell's again. Chris was on his best beahvior. I got a Michelob Ultra (my usual) and a strawberry daiquiri (it looked so pretty and had a big swirl of whipped cream on top!) My friend Jeromee stopped by to say hi. I love him so much! He's totally the bomb dot com. Chris' friend David, Eddie, Michelle, Heather and Gabe all were there and so fun.

Must run now...I heard the timer buzz in the kitchen so I think the lemonade cookies just came out of the oven!


::there were moments ago and there were flashes of light::

Norman was a blast last night. Meaghan and I met up with Chris in Norman. Meaghan and I ate at Panera *one of our favorite places, it's oh so yummy* and then went to Chris' house and sturpised him. From there we went to O'Connell's and then back to Chris' house to watch Talladega Nights.

Tonight we're going to On The Border (just us girls) and then we're going back to O'Connell's. There will be more people there this time, so it'll be more fun. Last night was just....not fun. Chris was picking on me all night long (and not in a fun way, but in a mean rude way). I didn't say anything about it beacuse I didn't want to seem like a crybaby, but when Meaghan and I were in my car driving back, she said, "Chris was really rude to you tonight." I'm glad she picked up on that too and it wasn't just me. I've never seen him behave that way before...ever. And frankly, I will not tolerate it. It's like he was trying to belittle me to make himself look better. I'm so dissappointed in his behavior and if it happens again tonight I'm leaving. I will not just sit back idly as he makes fun of me. (like making fun of me because I can't do math very well. What's next, is he going to pick on a kid that can't read well?)

So, anyway I hope tonight will be better than last night.

For you entertainment I'm posting a picture of my very first scrapbook page....ever. Let me explain the page. First of all, everyone knows I love Hanson. So, as you can imagine it was a Hanson layout. Pink rose paper, and a big picture of Taylor I had cut out of "Tiger Beat" magazine. The smaller picture is a picture I took the very first time I met Hanson because every Hanson fan has to make a stop by their house. Duh! Luckily, they were home, so that's Taylor walking down the stairs. The writing at the top of the page is a quote I got from a Tiger Beat magazine as well. It reads, "Do you ever think you'll cut your hair? A: It's just hair! That's all we have to say on the matter. It's just hair" And yes, those are butterfly stickers and glitter star stickers as well. I told you my first pages were crap-tastic. I've come a long way, baby. Enjoy and don't make fun of me too bad.


Off to school I go...

Going to sub at the high school for a Math class. Have I mentioned my mad skills in Math? Oh yea, I'm a total bad ass. *rolls eyes*

Bringing lots of things to work on today. I've got an article review for Oklahoma History due Tuesday and I want to read some more in my Sean Hannity book.

Going to Norman with Meaghan tonight. We're going to meet up with Chris later.

Gotta run!


Deal or No Deal

Did you see it???? My boys were on! Check out the front page of NBC's website from yesterday! Lovely, isn't it?



Good afternoon!

Hanson is on Deal or No Deal tonight!!!! So excited about that!!!

Has a fun day subbing today....minus the fact that I had a potty mouthed kid in my class. He enjoyed saying the word "shit". He went to the office.

I have a quiz in Oklahoma History tomorrow. I need to do some reading tonight so I don't completely fail the quiz.

Meaghan and I are going to Norman this weekend! SO excited about that.



I've tried to make this post 3 times! Blogger hates me!

I attempted to make the same post 3 times. Blogger hates me.


SO not in the mood for school today....I'm tired and I want to burrow deep under the covers and snuggle with my puppy.

Had a mean conversation with Chris last night. It's just putting some things in perspective for me.

Hanson will be on "Deal or No Deal" tomorrow. If you watch the previews, you can see Hanson on there. We've heard that the girl gets down to 3 cases and something about her jumping into Zac's arms....or about Zac picking her up. Lucky lucky girl! *wink*

Okay, I must go....school beckons.



My snow week was so nice. When my alarm buzzed this morning at 6:40 I wanted to burrow deeper under the covers. I subbed Special Ed today. These kids just had mild learning disabilities. It was a pretty good day. I met a really cute History teacher. *sigh* Gorgeous, I tell ya!

I've also been thinking really hard about needing another job. I finally decided to call the bank that I used to work at. They need a part time teller at their location in Yukon Wal-Mart. I told her that I was only going to be able to work from like 4-8. She was so excited. So, I could be back there fairly soon. :-) We'll see though. I'm a girl with an expensive scrapping habit and I love shoes and purses. I need to really get some more $$ soon. I hate having to limit my spending. *wink*

Got lots of reading to do tonight for classes tomorrow. Therefore, I must get moving.



It's all coming back to me now...

I've been rockin' out to Celine Dion's greatest hits all afternoon. My favorite? "It's All Coming Back to Me Now". Although it was ruined for me by two guys singing karaoke to it on New Years. Although, Michelle, Meaghan and I all held hands and sang our hearts out like the divas we truly are. *sigh* Fun times.

I picked up a sub job for tomorrow. Mustang North teaching Special Education. I've subbed for this same teacher once. Her kids were fantastic. I think the class was mostly boys. Something I've noticed, most of the kids in Special Ed (LD) are male. Just something I've noticed.

I've got a quiz in Oklahoma history on Tuesday. Freakin yuck!

I've done absolutely nothing that's of a productive nature today. No Valentines, no scrapbook pages, nothing. I am such a bum.

I'm wanting to go to Norman so bad. Did I mention that Chris and I are going to take classes together in the fall? It's going to be the best. I'm so excited about having classes with him again! It'll be just like high school....only a million times better. *wink*

Bored out of my mind....

It's Sunday! Horray! I wish there was a NASCAR race on today. Unfortunately, there isn't. Only a few more weeks though.

I've mentioned my fascination with The Military Channel before, but let me just reiterate (sp?) how much I love it. Especially "Making a Marine" it's the best. After watching that I decided to write my friend Kyle a letter. Kyle is in basic training right now for the Navy. He's such a nice guy. So, I wrote him a cute little pink letter in a pink envelope. Although before he left he told me not to send him anything in pink envelopes or pink stationary....*sigh* I just couldn't help it. The stuff I found was so cute. So, I'm going to mail his letter out tomorrow...he should hopefully get it later this week, it's only going to Illinois.

Yum...I'm nibbling on Cheese-Its. I swear, they're the best snacks ever.

Does anyone else love Rob Thomas? I love his version of "Time After Time". *sigh* It's magical.

I'm looking for some inspiration. I need to see something that makes me go, "Oh my gosh! I must try to make something brilliant! Because right now, I'm just sitting here...uninspired.

I need to read for Oklahoma History. Do I want to? No way. I'm still waiting to get my book in the mail for my Europe class. I need two books and I've only gotten one. Crap-tastic!

Maggie is such a little turd. She knocked over my trash can in the bathroom this morning. Scared the crap out of me. What did she want? A tissue. That dog loves eating tissues, paper towels and napkins. I swear.

Peace out!


Annie Oakley

Woke up at 8:15 this morning to go to the gun range with my dad, Clarence and Cody. Let me just tell you, we had SO much fun. Clarence is a retured police officer and member of the SWAT team. He taught me how to grip the gun better which turned out awesome and I was much more accurate. I shot the .22, 9mm, .38, .44 and a .45! It was so much fun. Let me tell, ya, I'm a girl that loves to shoot guns!

I got a call to sub today for Wednesday at the Education Center for gifted and talented kids. I totally love subbing over there becuase I'm done for the day by 2:00! It's the best, no joke. Friday I'll be back at the high school subbing Math, which will be great becuase I'll get to see some of my kida I had for my long term sub job. *sigh* I was quite fond of them!

**Kim, I'm thinking happy thoughts for you.**


Just call me Cupid....

Made more Valentines today. I'm on such a roll. I feel so....productive! Tomorrow I'm going to the gun range with my dad and some of his neighbor friends, Clarence and Cody. Clarence is a retired police officer and was on the SWAT team. I think I can shoot guns way better than Cody, but definitely not Clarence or my dad. We'll see though. I'll have a full update for you tomorrow.

Friday is here!

It's Friday. Does it feel like Friday? Not one little bit. Maybe it's beacuse everyday this week has been a "Friday", sleeping in, being a bum, scrapping all day long and playing with my puppies. That's the life I tell ya!

I got a new book last night! "Deliver Us From Evil" by Sean Hannity. Have you ever listened or watched Sean? He's on 1000 KTOK from 2-5. Give him a listen. After all, he is the #1 talk show host in America. He's also the host of Hannity and Colmes on Fox News. He's great I tell ya.

Okay, I must go get ready now. It's 11am and I'm still in my pj's!


Maggie's Book

Made these Valentines today

Something New

Something new I made today for Meaghan! I'm also in the process of photographing/scanning some of my creations in my computer. It's nice to be able to share things online.

Hope your day was great. My mom got off work around 11 and we went to lunch and get our hair cut. So fun to have a girls' day with your mom.

I'll post pictures of my things once I get them scanned online. Enjoy!


Boo for school

Had a fantabulous day with Kim and Kensington today. We went crafting....Michaels, Hobby Lobby, 7 Mintues Later. *sigh* It was a good day, a very good day.

UCO is having school tomorrow even though their parking lot is a complete and udder nightmare. I'm dreading going, but I don't think I have much of a choice. Therfore, I'll be braving the cold and heading to school. *yuck* Although, I'm wicked excited about my Europe class and my Oklahoma history class. *I should probably read Chapter 2 just in case we have a quiz*

I got lots of yummy treats today while I was out today, some letters to decoupage, a wooden purse for my purse swap, and some great paper for my 2007 book.

Okay I must go, American Idol will be on in 4 minuts! Awesome!


Boomer Sooner

So, it's official. I submitted my application for admissionto OU today. I thought I needed a 2.5GPA to be admitted as a transfer student. Turns out, I'm not counted as a transfer student at all, but as a re-admitted student, therefore I only need a 2.0GPA to be re-admitted. HOLLA!!! Therefore I'm totally admissable RIGHT NOW! So, I scampered home as fast as I could (within reason because I was driving in the ice) to fill out my application. The only thing I need now is my official transcript from UCO to send to the Admissions office. I'm so giddy/excited right now. MY GPA still isn't high enough to get admitted to the college of Education at OU, but my advisor said to declare History (College of Arts and Sciences) as my major for the time being. Works for me. So, if all goes according to plan, I'll be a student at OU for the summer.

Now, I just have to see what I can take. Have I mentioned that I hate Spanish? Oh yes, yes, I do. Guess who has to take 5 hours of it! *looks around* Yea, that would be me. Maybe I can take it online.

I'm gonna look at the classes and explore OU's wbesite more. Have a fantastic day!


Happy Monday!

Hope your Monday is fantastic! No school for us tomorrow *woo hoo* In celebration of that wonderful tidbit of knowledge, I made a cover for my binder (becuase I'm a nerd like that). I'm on a roll for 2007! I'm madly in love with the Harlequin line of papers and the craft paper brown, black, red and cream. So yummy!

Horray for no school tomorrow. I'm thinking about going to get advised tomorrow instead of Wednesday. I can't decide for sure or not. If I go tomorrow then I can sub and make some $$ on Wednesday. Although, if I go tomorow there's a chance the roads might be slick. We'll have to wait and see.

Goodness! I can't wait to be a teacher. I've got a whole folder full of great ideas and whatnot. So exciting! *woo hoo* Okay. I need to go do something slightly productive! Have a good night!


Iced In

I'm on a scrapbooking mission this weekend. After all, it's not like I have anything else to do. Therefore, I present to you, my 2007 book. I'm going to work more on it today and I'll post pictures of my progress. But for now, here's what I've got done.


Fun Survey

I took this from Elsie's blog. Woops. It looked fun!

A= Available~ yes.
B= Best Friend~ Jessica, Meaghan or Leslie.
C= Cake or pie~ mmm, pecan pie sounds good, but I love black forrest cake or lemon cake.
D= Drink of choice~ I love coke, but I'm a water girl.
E= Essential item you use everyday~ lip gloss!.
F= Favorite color~ I love white, but I've used a lot of brown lately.
G= Gummy bears or worms~ worms, hands down.
H= Hometown~ Yukon/Mustang!
I= Indulgences~ spinach artichoke dip.
J= January or February~ Feb, it's the shortest!
K= Kids and Names~ No kids for me yet.
L= Life is incomplete without?~ my family!
M= Marriage date~ not married
N= Number of siblings~ just a sister!
O= Oranges or apples~ hm...apples.
P= Phobias or Fears~ my family getting hurt, I'm scared of heights, deep water, and I have this weird phobia of things really heavy looming over my head, like the airplane room at the Omniplex museum or the airplanes of those concrete pillars at the fairgrounds. HATE THOSE!
Q= Favorite Quote~ Be who you are and say what you want because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter - Dr. Seuss.
R= Reason to smile~ fun times with my family and friends.
S= Season~ autumn!!
T= tv shows - Grey's Anatomy!
U= Unknown fact about me~ I can't swim
V= Vegetable you don't like~ broccoli, cauliflower, squash.
W= Worst habit~ biting my nails.
X= X-rays~ arm, ankle, and face from "the baseball incident".
Y= Your favorite food~ anything italian
Z= Zodiac Sign~ saggitarius


School part II

Today was a much better day. My math class is super easy. I have lots of homework to do this weekend for that class. Boo...no fun. My Europe class is pretty freakin awesome. I love it lots. My professor is the bomb dot com. He has all these cheesy little jokes and stuff. Yea, I like him a lot. All in all, today was a good day.

Tomorrow is my last day with my kiddies. I'm gonna miss them like crazy I think, which is really weird since they drove me crazy this week. However, I will miss them.

Grey's Anatomy tonight!!! Woo hoo! I'm so excited. It's been like a month!!!

I did absolutely nothing this afternoon. Just came home and decided to be a lazy bum. I need to get a Child Psych book.

I'm going to OU on Wednesday to get advised for Social Studies Education. I'm so excited.

Okay, gonna go watch Grey's! Toodles!



They're all little hellions I tell ya!

All of them.


Lie to me and tell me everything is all right.

I'm cranky after a not so fun day back at school. Gosh! This morning I was so excited too. What a huge disappointment. I'll get over it. Okay so here's a breakdown of my day:

Math - she's a nice lady. She wore this horrid black jumpsuit made of of windbreaker material with black high heels. What was she thinking? Her hair looked like it needed to be washed. She's got a severe case of ADD. She seriously asked a million questions about us today. It's good that she wants to get to know us though.

Religion and Politics - don't even get me started on this. The professor is totally awesome. He looks like Jack Nicholson in "Something's Gotta Give". There's only 13 people in that class too, 9 boys and 4 girls. Anyway, I think that material is WAY over my head, so I came home and withdrew. Adios R&P class!

Child Psychology - Did you know that if I actually paid attention and did the work for this class about 3 semesters ago I wouldn't have to be taking it right now? Yes, that is a true statement. I have a different teacher this time. She reminds me of a hyper chipmunk. Seriously she's just all over the place and mildly crazy I think. My friend Cindy is in that class with me, so with her in there it should be more fun. That class is 95% females, I only saw 2 guys sitting together, my my, they are brave souls aren't they?

Western Civilization to 1350 - this class is my favorite so far. The professor is super nice. I totally love her. She makes really dry jokes, but you have to listen carefully to get them. My only complaint is that she goes through the material very quickly. I'm an obsesive compulsive note taker and she just doesn't give me enough time to get the info from every slide written down. I don't know anyone in that class, but I met a girl named Lia. She's a Museum Studies major and is super nice. I think we'll be friends.

Oklahoma History - picture the nerdiest history teacher you've ever had. He's got reddish blonde hair and basically no facial expressions. He said he modified the class this semester to be more difficult than last semester. I swear, I think this guy feasts on the sould of innocent college students like me. Am I scared? No, I bring it on crazy guy. Seriously, (there I go again Kim) we spent all hour talking about Oklahoma rivers. Who the heck cares? That's the wrong attitude to have, I know, but you would think that on the first day of class you'd at least try to make it interesting for your students. I'm getting all of these ideas what NOT to do once I'm a teacher.

You know how in the Charlie Brown cartoons how Linus walks and that one cloud of rain pours on him all the time? That's how I feel today. Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but it's my blog and if I want to have a pity party for myself I will, thank you very much.

On a brighter note, I went to Thompson's today to buy my books and while I was getting my Math book, I accidentally grabbed the "Annotated Teacher's Edition" with ALL of the answers. How hard does that rock? Yea, it's awesome. Although I spent $179 for 3 books and 3 packs of scantrons, that kinda sucks.

I'm having dinner with Whitney tonight at Charleston's. I'm so looking forward to that. Horray!


Sorry Kim, I stole your date for the title idea. Just testing it out to see if I like it for my blog or not.

School starts in an hour and fifteen minutes!!! Lots of numbers swirling through my head today:
5:40 - the time I woke up
2 - the number of times I've peed this morning (you didn't need to know that, but when I'm nervous I have to pee)
15 - the number of hours I'm taking this semester
40 - the number of minutes it takes me to drive to UCO
1000 - the radio station I listen to in my car
2 - puppies still sleeping in my bed
4 - keleenex's I've blown my nose in...I think I'm getting sick.
93 - the number of kids Mr. Killackey has that I'd rather be subbing for today instead of going to school
1 - new Donna Downey bag that's coming with me to school today. I'll be a hot diva
1 - friend Kim that I can walk with to the Education building!
3:15 - finally free, school is over!
3 - more days until this weekend!!!

Okay, that was slightly fun. I've seen something like that on Ali Edwards' blog before. Unfortunately, her's is much cooler than mine.

OKay, I must run! Wish me luck!


About last night....

It's noon. I just woke up.

Last night was pretty fun. Meaghan and I met up around 6:30 and drove around for a while. We ran into Mardel and browsed the teacher section. (That's seriously one of my favorite things to do). We decided to go to O'Connell's early and take a few shots before everyone else got there. Unfortunately, Chris and his sister were already there, so no time for pre-hang out shots. Chris' sister, Megan is SO awesome. She was ragging on Chris the whole night telling embarrassing stories and whatnot. Chris took it like a trooper. Meaghan and I did take a shot. Chris' sister suggested a "purple hooter". I have no idea what it is, but my goodness it was great! We met Chris' friends Heather and Gabe. They were very cool. I had 2 beers and a shot and I was beginning to feel the alcohol somewhat.

After O'Connell's, Chris, Meaghan and I all went to Rusty's and got kiddie sized forzen custard. SO good. Then we went back to Chris' house and attempted to watch "The Break Up"...I think we watched about 20 minutes of it.

Then Chris and I looked through one of our high school yearbooks while Meaghan read some for her Applied Marketing class. Chris' friend Barnabas came by and whew! That boy is hot. I totally want to get to know him better. He's wicked cool.

That's pretty much it. No drunken escapades this time, thank goodness.

I've got lots to do today. I have to clean my room, it's a mess. I also need to make a trip to my scrapbook room and put away my things that I bought Wednesday at 7 Minutes Later. I also need to get my ducks in a row for school this next week. I should probably print off the syllabus for each class and get some notebook paper and dividers squared away in my binder. And, what happens when you get a new binder for school? A new decorative page to put in the front! WOO! Maybe I can work on that today.

I also went and rented movies last night, 2 of which are due back today, Little Miss Sunshine and The Devil Wears Prada. I need to find time to watch those today.

Gonna go eat lunch. Peace out!


Just some stuff...

It was so nice to sleep in today. I stayed in bed until 10:30. It was fantastic.

I hurt my knee yesterday. My dad has a generator in the garage and I whacked my knee on it. OMG, it hurt so bad.

Meaghan and I are going to meet Chris, his sister Megan and a few of his meteorology friends at O'Connell's tonight. then I think we're going back to Chris' house and going to watch movies.

I must find something cute to wear. You never know who you might see. *ha ha* I have a fuzzy black sweater I might wear. It's pretty cute.

Back to school on Tuesday. My break was fantastic. I'm excited to get to school and learn lots of fun new things. I'm wicked excited about being a social studies education major. I love history and political science. So, I think my classes are going to be pretty awesome. I'm excited to learn new things.

You know what I currently love? The Military channel. I find it very interesting.


So stinkin tired....

I swear, I had the naughtiest kids today. My 6th hour I had to leave 3 names just because they were not listening to me at all. They weren't doing their work so I kinda got upset.

Meaghan and I are going to O'Connell's tomorrow night. Should be LOTS of fun.

I want some ice cream. Yum. I'll check and see what we've got...

I'm watching Wedding Crashers. I really want to rent "The Break Up" with Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Anniston.


Two thumbs up

The kids were pretty good today. My first two hours were really....sluggish and disinterested. I blame it on the weather, because I know when it's cold and rainy, I get that same way! They read "The Crisis" by Thomas Paine. It didn't captivate me, so I honestly didn't enjoy it. Tomorrow they're reading the Declaration of Independence, I'm a history buff, so I can't wait to read that with them.

Meaghan and Emma come back tomorrow! Meaghan and I might go to O'Connell's tomorrow night or Saturday.

Bad News...the Megan Mullally show has been cancelled. So, I don't know if our ultra fun road trip challenge will happen or not. Maybe NBC will film it still and just use it for another tv show. I emailed the producers back and asked them. I'd hate to film the audition tape for nothing.

I might go out with my sister tonight. Not sure yet though.


I wish I had something interesting to post because I'm totally in the mood to make a fantastic blog entry this morning.

Unfortunately, there is nothing exciting happening and I'm just procrastinating.

I'll make a real post later this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!


Totally not my thing...

It's 11:38. I can't sleep. Why you ask? Hm...could it be because during the Christmas break I stayed up until 3-4am? Indeed. This is the reason, for sure.

My sub job went pretty good today. The classes were great for the most part, except for my 5th hour which has one of my best friend's younger sisters in it. She was on my last nerve today. I love this girl to pieces, but since she knew me I think that she thought that she didn't have to follow the rules. Tomorrow will be different...I will become "The Enforcer". *insert scary music here*

Kim and I went to 7 Minutes Later. I bought lots of wonderful treats that I don't need, but are always good to have. I got some new Prima flowers and they're SO gorgeous. The colors are so bright and happy.

Jessica and I went to On The Border and then to Penn Square. I didn't buy anything. I'm so sick of shopping. I need a break.

More subbing tomorrow....*yawn*. The sophomores are reading "Alas Babylon" and the juniors are reading a new piece of literature every day. I'm not going to lie, literature is totally not my thing. My friend Kim, the literature and english goddess should be teaching this class. I'm like, "Alliteration? Huh?!?!" Me, on the other hand, I'd gladly sub for a history or government class. Now, there's something I know about.

I got off the phone with Meaghan a little while ago. I think she just wants her and Chris to be friends. I think he was too forward with her and too...handsy and he's gotten her scared. I was really hoping it would work out too. We'll have to wait and see. We're planning on going to O'Connell's Saturday night and hopefully things will heat back up between them.


New Year, New You

I start back subbing tomorrow. Wow. Where did my break go? I had a great time being a bum and partying all night and sleeping all day. It was nice. It's all about enjoying being a college student and actually going out!

The OU game last night was phenomenal and even though OU lost, the 4th quarter was just amazing. Probably THE best game I've ever seen.

Some god things are happening at 7Minutes Later. I'm totally going to take a class this month, I just need to decide which one to take.

Ready to get back into the groove of things with getting up early for school and back in the study routine. I'm excited though, to develop a new routine with new classes, meeting new people and making new friends. Not to mention a NEW major. Being a teacher just gets me excited. I already have ideas flowing through my head for my classroom and things for my students. I never really had that feeling with Energy Management. I want to be a teacher that gets her students excited about the material. History is one of those subjects that you either love or you hate. For me, I always loved it. It's a big story. I loved the lessons about the criminals for some reason. Old bank robbers and outlaws. Crazy, I know. But totally my thing.


a few more....

Just a few more pictures. Oh by the way, on the 30th, I'm wearing the black sweater and on the 31st, I'm wearing the white sweater. Just so you know, I didn't change clothes in the middle of the night. *ha ha*

Oh, the guy with the beard is Chris' and my friend, Will. We went to high school with him. They guy in the red is Chris' roommate and my friend, Nathan. The girl sitting next to Meaghan in the blue at the table, is Michelle. Her fiance, Eddy is studying Meteorology with Chris.


I love the New Year. It's so fresh and new. Kinda like the first day of school and you have that new pencil, crayon and school supply smell. *ha ha* I'm such a teacher, can you tell?

So, Saturday night was amazing. Chris and Meaghan hit it off really well. Chris brought our friends Nathan and Will and the five of us just hung out drinking and talking. I had 3 Michelob Ultras and half of Meaghan's vodka and red bull (so gross). I was totally wasted. I'm such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. Meaghan was even more trashed than I was. Chris, was the sober one and took us walking around on campus to let some of the alcohol wear off. Lots of shenanigans! We went into the business building to find a restroom and we could not find a women's bathroom. So, Chris held our purses while we went into a Men's room. Meaghan was like, "URINALS! We should use those!" I said, "No Meaghan, those are for the boys" so luckily I got her into a stall and she didn't pee all over herself attempting to use a urinal. We were both pretty drunk, but Meaghan was WAY more drunk than I was. So, we get done in the bathroom, and I go sit at this table and Meaghan is like "Woo! Table dances!" and started to climb on the table. Luckily, Chris caught her before she was fully on it. We left the building and Chris drove us to the National Weather Center where he works. It was completely empty except for some guy in the Severe Storms Center and 3 security guards. Luckily, Chris was friends with the guards and they let us in. Chris took us on the grand tour and that place is AMAZING! I'm so glad that Chris and Meaghan hit it off so well. They're both just great people and I really hope they get to know eachother better.

Last night, New Years Eve, was so fun too. We met Chris and his friends Eddy and Michelle at O'Connell's at 8:00. Then we drank (I only had 1 beer this time, I did not want to get drunk and get pulled over). They started karaoke at 9:00 and it was so funny. This one guy was really good, and this really big guy sang "It's all coming back to me now" by Celine Dion. These two other guys sang Bohemian Rahpsody and OMG! Funniest thing ever. I recorded some of it on my digital camera. Around 11, we went back to the National Weather Center and hung out in the student lounge just talking, and reciting lines from "Talladega Nights". Then the fun began, we played hide and seek for about an hour and a half on all 5 floors of the Weather Center. Meaghan and I totally won, we hid under this desk for like, 20 minutes. Nobody ever found us. It was genius.

Chris invited Meaghan over to his house tonight to watch the OU game. I think Jessica and I are going to do something tonight. I really want to watch the game, so maybe we'll go somewhere and the game will be on. We'll see.

Just a few pictures from the past two nights. Enjoy and Happy New Year!