School part II

Today was a much better day. My math class is super easy. I have lots of homework to do this weekend for that class. Boo...no fun. My Europe class is pretty freakin awesome. I love it lots. My professor is the bomb dot com. He has all these cheesy little jokes and stuff. Yea, I like him a lot. All in all, today was a good day.

Tomorrow is my last day with my kiddies. I'm gonna miss them like crazy I think, which is really weird since they drove me crazy this week. However, I will miss them.

Grey's Anatomy tonight!!! Woo hoo! I'm so excited. It's been like a month!!!

I did absolutely nothing this afternoon. Just came home and decided to be a lazy bum. I need to get a Child Psych book.

I'm going to OU on Wednesday to get advised for Social Studies Education. I'm so excited.

Okay, gonna go watch Grey's! Toodles!


~Kim said...

I see you don't like my little way of title-ing (I'm an English major and can't seem to make that into a spellable word)! Totally kidding...we are all unique!

Don't miss those silly kiddos! They created much not needed chaos for you! Turn them in...each and every one!

Oh, and I wonder why that math class is SO easy?? Could it be because you have all of the correct answers at your fingertips?? Things that make you go hmmmm...

*love ya Holly*