one month later

Here are a few updated pictures of my house after living here for a month.

The craft room has gotten some use, as you can see by the looks of my messy desk
The dresser/accent table and blue chair in my living room.

Finally did something with the master bath. I got this celery green shower curtain, towels and bath mat at Target. (I wish the color in the picture had turned out better!)

My bed! After almost a month, I finally got my big bed! the bedspread was a gift from my sister. Isn't it pretty?
Living Room. Every man that comes over seems to point out my small TV. I tell them, "It was either get a couch or a big tv" According to them, a TV is more important than a couch. I, however, disagree.
The kitchen with the oven, microwave and the fridge.

Other side of the kitchen. It's colors are kelly green with white and pink accents.

The kitchen table. The floral centerpiece is from Hobby Lobby on sale!
Another view of the living room. The pillows on my couch are from my sister.

THIS little beauty is my latest purchase! A pretty pink chair from the antique store. Ain't she purdy?


I called in sick on Monday.Physically exhausted after the week I had.

Bunco tomorrow! I'm so excited. I love the bunco ladies! Every month we have a pot luck to go along with bunco. The food theme is summer foods, Ann is making chicken salad sandwiches, watermelon and drinks. My mom is making cucumber salad. I'm making spinach artichoke dip and chocolate chip cookies, not sure what everyone else is bringing yet.

Next month Bunco is at my house. I'm still trying to decide on a food theme. Any ideas? I was thinking since it's August and almost football season everyone could bring their favorite tailgating food. How's that sound?

Alright, off for lunch with my sissy.



So very overwhelmed with everything that has happened the past 2 days.

Work Saturday was a once in a lifetime experience. Had a call that was life changing.

Had to do interviews with the news channels and newspapers yesterday. The call was on CNN and USA Today.

More today on the news.

I'm ready for things to go back to normal.


A little (and I mean little ) update

Good evening!

What a week is has been...or is starting out to be. I picked up overtime on Tuesday, a 24 hour shift in Yukon and another 24 hour shift in Mustang on Wednesday. I finally had yesterday off, but it was back to work for me today and for the next 4 days.

Aran (my partner at work) and I are going to see if we can get on 24 hour shifts for the fall. We'll alternate between Yukon and Mustang for a month, working 10 days the entire month. It's a sweet set up and hopefully we can get them. If not, no big deal.

We were busy at work today, 7 calls. Whew!

got some more cute house stuff. I'll try to post pictures later!

off to bed!


new layout

Well, that do you think? It was time for a changeI think. I'm loving black and white right now. Blame it on my new bed and the black and white bedding I have. I think my master bedroom will be done in black, white, silver and pink. That's what I'm shooting for anyway.

I'm working a 24 hour shift today. I brought my laptop with me today, so hopefully that will keep me out of trouble. We can hope at least....


what was I thinking

Seriously. I amaze myself.

Making dinner tonight was horrendous. Entirely too spicy. It might top the list with the grossest things I've ever made, although, it wasn't as bad as coq au vin. It wasn't anything like my mom's food, that's for sure.

Work today was interesting to say the least. 7 calls, 3 transports and the other 4 did refusals. We got a call for "smell coming from air vent". It's dispatched as an inhalation injury, so we're thinking it might be something legitimate. Oh no, the woman wanted her air vent changed. YES! (Did you jaw just drop open?) It was ridiculous!

However, the award for the biggest loser of the day goes to my last patient, who was arrested and in jail. His had was a little bloody from putting it though a piece of glass (yup, that'll do it). Long story short, he tried to kiss me. I pushed his head back and gave him a good butt chewing about not touching me. Then he says, "you're pretty". oh lordy. needless to say, the police and fire department guys found this wildly hilarious and in retrospect, it was, but at the time, i was in 100% fighting mode.

(what's with the no capitalization today? woops!)

on that note, I'm off to bed. Working my butt off this week. I've got 44 hours of overtime scheduled. that's just about another ENTIRE paycheck. i have lots of stuff i want to buy for my house, therefore, a girl's gotta work.


A little update...

So busy yesterday and today!

Bank. Post office. Insurance Agency. Tag Agency. Wal-Mart. Then went antiquing with my friend Abbey from work. (quite unproductive, no treasures to be found).

Today, I was awoken at 8:00 by the Cox guy ready to bury my cable line. Then I had lunch with my mom and we went to Ross, Gordman's and Hobby Lobby. I got so much stuff. 2 sets of sheets for my new bed, some ramekins for desserts, a basket for my mail and bills, 2 faux mercury glass apothecary jars, some candles for my decorative plate on my coffee table, place mats, and a flower arrangement for my table. It was quite productive to say the least.

My mom invited me over for dinner, we grilled kabobs and veggies on the grill. It was sooo yummy. I miss my mom's cooking.

My friend Brandon and his wife came over today. They're wanting to buy a house and they came over to pick my brain about houses and the house buying process. It was fun.

Well friends, I'm off to bed for the night.


Hello again!


Remember me?

It's been a while, I know.

But on a side note, I'm all moved in to my new house!!!

Got the internet set up last week and it's so good to have cable and internet again. Really. I also got a new laptop, *thanks Dad!* So until i get my pitcures moved over here i won't be able to post pictures for just a bit.

Expect pictures soon though, becuase let me tell ya, my house is awesome.