Happy Monday!

Hope your Monday is fantastic! No school for us tomorrow *woo hoo* In celebration of that wonderful tidbit of knowledge, I made a cover for my binder (becuase I'm a nerd like that). I'm on a roll for 2007! I'm madly in love with the Harlequin line of papers and the craft paper brown, black, red and cream. So yummy!

Horray for no school tomorrow. I'm thinking about going to get advised tomorrow instead of Wednesday. I can't decide for sure or not. If I go tomorrow then I can sub and make some $$ on Wednesday. Although, if I go tomorow there's a chance the roads might be slick. We'll have to wait and see.

Goodness! I can't wait to be a teacher. I've got a whole folder full of great ideas and whatnot. So exciting! *woo hoo* Okay. I need to go do something slightly productive! Have a good night!