You know what show I hate? My Super Sweet 16 on MTV. Those girls are so obnoxious. This one girl was in foster care a year ago and was adoped by these super rich girls. Now, she's a spoiled brat and begged for a BMW. How stupid.

Alright, gotta go to bed now. I have to get up early!


Could you look into my eyes and tell me that you're happy now?

Hi everyone!

Did you watch Grey's Anatomy? Poor George! I also coun't believe that that guy's fiance left him right before he was going to have surgery. What a gold digger.

I got to hang out with Leslie all afternoon! I missed her like crazy. I haven't seen her in about 2 weeks. We've both just been busy with school and work, so it was nice to get to see her for a while today.

I finished my TrackStar for my Technology for Teachers class. I sent it off this afternoon. I also worked on my Chapter 8 summary for my economics class. It isn't due until Wednesday, but I won't be there, so I'm turning mine in early. I'm going to all of my classes tomorrow. I've missed my Physical science class for the past 2 weeks. I'm a horrible person, I know. I've just used that time to study for other tests and quizzes in other classes. Is that so bad?

I'm so excited about Tulsa on Tuesday. I can't wait. I get so excited about DECA things. AFter I help with them I get really inspired to get my degree and start teaching! Gosh! I'm excited. I'll get to See Rob, Giresh and DeAnna, Stephen, Dr. Nelson, Mrs. Cerny, and of course, Mrs. Dilbeck.

AFter school tomorrow I have to go straight to work. I'll get there about 30-45 minutes earlier that I normally do. Hopefully that will help out some.

I'm still checking OSU/OKC looking for summer classes...still nothing. I'll be taking Biology and Accounting if anyone cares to take them with me.

Jeromee, you got a kitten? Let's see pictures!


Vintage Chic

Hello my darlings.

I'm hoping you all are having a great weekend. I look pretty cute today. Black pants, a while lace and sequin tank with a black crochet cardigan. Super cute. I got lots of compliments today. One my my customers told me I had a vintage chic style....I'm hoping that's a good thing and not just a polite way of saying....you look like crap. *ha ha*

So, then I came home and ate lunch and then ventured out to Hobby Lobby, The Linen Sisters and 7 Minutes Later. I got some really cute craft supplies. I can't wait to start making things!

I'll be in Tulsa on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Oklahoma DECA CAreer Development Conference. I'm the event director for the Management Series events. So, I'm pretty excited about that. I'll also get to hang out with the Mustang DECA kids and see some of the advisors. Hopefully I'll be able to do some networking with some of the teachers since I'll be in that field in a year and a half. *yay*

I'm going shopping with Leslie tomorrow. I need to find something cute to wear to the state CDC.

Oh! I also dyed my hair. It's a fantastic chocolate brown with some auburn highlites. It's so cute. I'm absolutely loving it. While I'm up there I want to hit some scrapbooking stores and a few craft sotres while I'm up there....should be really fun.

I'm also back to collecting charms for my charm bracelet. I recently found it in my jewelry armoire, so now I've been wearing it all the time. I want more charms though, maybe a horse shoe, four lef clover, I don't know....just some cute stuff.


chitty chitty chat chat

So, I'm supposed to meet 2 of my partners in an online chat tonight to work on our class projects. I'm not a big fan of chat rooms. I think they're quite lame.

Anyhoo, I relaxed and did a whole lot of nothing today. I had my hair appointment at 11:00 today. So, I hit Kohls around 10:00. Did you know Kohls carries Ralph Lauren? Well, they do and I bought this fabulous sweater today. It's black and has the little polo logo on the right. It's super cute. I also bought a brown shirt/shrug combo and a black crochet cardigan with these really cool vintage buttons. They're hot.

My hair looks cute. It's different. It's brown with these dark red highlites. It's just really dark. I'm hoping that with a few washings it will lighten up a bit, because I don't know if I like it this dark. The girls at work really liked it, but I can't tell if they really do like it or if they're just trying to be nice, ya know?

Alright, I have to go...my online school chat starts in 5 mintes and I have to finish my chpater 7 Economics summary. *yawn*


Hey there kiddos. Hope you had a swell day. Mine was pretty good. I met this guy in my Economics class. His name is Austin and he's super nice.

I'm getting my hair colored tomorrow. I'm going with a darker brown hair color with some auburn highlites. It's going to be cute. I'm also going to run to Kohls and see what I can find to wear to the State DECA competition. After all, I am the best event director in the world.

Did you watch American Idol? Fabulous! I love the boys! Ace was amazing. I also really like Elliott. But mostly I love Ace. I think Kevin is the most precious thing also.

Well, I'm out for tonight.


For you are mine at last...

Hello darlings.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. School was fine today and work was even better. I got 4 referrals today, so I'll probably make diamond this month. If I make it next month, I'll get to go to the All Stars Banquet, which is quite an honor.

So, who watched American Idol? I love Mandisa, Paris and Katherine McPhee. One girl I can't stand is Brenna Gethers. She's the most obnoxious girl I have evern seen in the world.

I absolutely love Grey's Anatomy. Does anyone else watch it? It's fantastic.

I have the worlds greatest puppy. Susie is the most amazing little critter I've ever seen. The way she looks at you is just brilliant. You look into her eyes and you just know she's madly in love with you. I am going to name my daughter after her. Susie. I love it.


I love federal holidays....

So, today was one of those days where I did absolutely nothing. Seriously, nothing. I should have stayed in my pajamas today, I wasted makeup. I watched the Daytona 500 with my dad, and made spaghetti for lunch. I studied for my Advertising test, which is tomorrow, and that's it.

I wonder if we'll have classes tomorrow. If we do have classes, I'll go, but the minute it starts to sleet or snow, I'm out of there! I refuse to be cold, catch a cold or look like an ass if/when I fall down. No thanks.

So, tomorrow is President's Day....which means, no work for me! I love federal holidays.


It's so cold! I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I finally got a MySpace. It's okay, but I'm not that impressed wth it. Anyhoo, I've made 2 posts there, so I'm sorry for neglecting you.

It's so cold here! I had to be at work at 8:45 this morning and my car was frozen solid. I had about 1/4" of ice on my windshield. It was brutal, but I scraped and defrosted, and was on my way. We were so slow.

Other than that, I haven't been really doing anything today. Just playing around online and messing with some rubber stamps and ink pads. I'd like to go out and play today, maybe go see a movie, but I really don't want to get out with all of the crazies and possibly wreck my car.

I'm watcing the Food Network. Have you ever watched it? It's brilliant. I love to cook, so I find it quite entertaining. Have a fun day, and if you go out tonight, be careful.


But I can't help falling in love with you....

Hi my peeps! (Am I cool enough to say that?)

How is everything with you guys? Sorry for the lack of postings! I've been crazy busy. Work, school...blah blah blah.

So, do you have a special Valentine? Yea, me neither. *lol* My mom gave me and my sister our Valentine's presents this afternoon since Whitney would be at school this week. We each got a set of Valentine panties from Victoria's Secret and some lip gloss from Victoria's Secret. Thanks Mom!

So, have I told you I'm taking summer classes? Well, I'm taking summer classes. Biology and then maybe Business Communications, Management, or another Marketing class. I want to take classes at OSU/OKC or OCCC, just because I don't want to drive to Edmond.

I also want to work at a craft or scrapbook store. Even a quilting store would be cool or a cross stitch store. *sigh* I love my job at the bank, but I want a fun job where I can be creative and have fun.


We shared a moment that will last 'till the end

Hi everyone...

So, I went with Leslie to the Brink/Whittier basketball game last night and I met her blind date. He's really nice. I gave her my seal of approval. We went out to eat and then came home. She's wearing brown capris and a turquoise shirt. I let her borrow a bracelet and a necklace to wear. She's going to look so cute! I'm so excited for her.

Tickets for Michael Buble go on sale this morning at 10:00. I'm going to try to get some.