Guess what I've got....

Pictures of me and Brian. Yup! Be jealous. Ha ha.

Last night we went to see a rock band, Local H at the Conservatory in OKC. This was my first real rock concert. Let me just say this, I am totally not a rocker chick.
1. The Conservatory does not have air conditioning. Seriously. Add on the fact that it was 91 degrees outside yesterday. Yes, it was HOT and miserable.
2. The band were screamers. And by that I mean, you don't understand a word and it's all screaming. Yea, definitely not my thing.
3. Moshing. Headbanging. Again, not my thing.

But I went and I survived. Remember the scene from "The Break Up" with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan in the kitchen? It's not about you liking the ballet. It's about the person you love liking the ballet. That's how I felt about the rock concert. It's not about me liking the concert, it's about spending time with the person I like who enjoys the rock concert.

Anyway....on with the pictures...

This was after the concert in his truck. Yes, he is wearing a Local H shirt. He's so stinkin cute.
Again, after the concert which is why I look like I'm all hot and sweaty.
Last one, but probably my favorite.


ooohhh baby

Ooohhh Indy, you've still got it baby. *wink*

Brian and I went and saw Indiana Jones this afternoon and all I can say is "oooohhhh baby". I'm in love. Seriously. Maybe it's because I'm a history major and the things he talks about are things I've read about. Maybe it's because of all of the great scenes. Or, maybe it's that little cutie Shia LaBeouf. Either way, It's official, I'm an Indiana Jones girl.

The date with Brian was wonderful (like all of our dates are!) He's the sweetest boy ever. He met me up at school today and I got to show him off to my girls in class. ooh la la!! Then I helped him practice for his practical exam which is this Friday. He intubated a few dummies and strted a few IV's. He's going to do so good on it! I have a quiz tomorrow and my first test coming up. I'm hoping to rock it! :-) With some studying, I should be good.

Alright, I'm exhausted. Off to bed!



A little something special...

My sweet friend Valerie is getting married tomorrow to her sweetie pie, Brian. I known Valerie my entire life - her mom and my mom went to elementary school together and have been BFF's for a looong time. I thought I'd make her something extra special - I hope she loves it as much as I do.

Congratulations Valerie and Brian!


I survived my first week of EMT school. It is wonderful. I love it. My instructor is a lady named Sherri. She is a paramedic with Brian. There are 16 people in my class, 12 boys and 4 girls. The 4 of us girls stick together and we keep the boys in line. We even have a hot Australian guy in class too.

I take vitals like crazy now. Blood pressure, lung sounds, heart rate, pulse, skin color, AVPU scale, etc. It's funny because we've all gotten VERY personal with eachother already. Ha ha. Brian warned me of this. The guys fart like it's no big deal and us girls just look at eachother and say, "You gross boys!".

Speaking of Brian....he is so sweet. On Wednesday he was waiting for me outside of my classroom at the end of the day. Totally surprised me! He left today for Hawaii for his sister's wedding. I made him a little "Brian Fun Pack" with some magazines, Indiana Jones playing cards, Laffy Taffy, Trail Mix, gum, etc. He called me today when he made it to LA and again when he got to Hawaii. We're going to see one of his favorite bands next Friday. I'm excited. He's pretty awesome. I think I might do my clincals with him. He keeps asking me to do rotations with him. We'll see. I know he'd teach me a lot. On Tuesday evening I went to the station where he was working and he taught me some stuff for class. We played with the LifePack and I did an EKG on him.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day!



Today I start EMT school. SO excited about that.

I'm going to see Brian tonight at the station. He leaves for Hawaii on Thursday. I'm bringing him cookies and a little "Brian Fun Pack" for his trip. He's going to be so surprised.

More later.


Your heart is all I need...

I'm listening to "Don't Leave Home" by Dido. Great song. Download it and listen.

Work was long last night. We were SO busy. One of the docs taught me how to take a person's blood pressure, so I spent the rest of the night running around taking blood pressures. I'm a blood pressure taking machine. Ha ha.

I start EMT class in 2 days. I am SO excited. I'm going to try to do my ride alongs with Brian. (he's the new guy, kinda). He is so excited about teaching me stuff. So cute.

It's been gorgeous here lately. Nice warm days. I layed out for a while today, gotta start working on that tan.


welcome home

It's finally inside. This is my new desk that I got from Corrine (aka, Sassy). I had some time today and I spent the day cleaning up my room. This is the "nook". My banner says, "create". I have a bulletin board thatis going to go on the wall to the right, but I haven't hung it up yet. The desk is black with some blue paint underneath. I love the chippy look it has. It's a lot smaller than my previous desk, but I like that I don't have the extra room to have it full of crap. Don't you just love it?

I found the photo for the new banner somewhere on flickr. If it's yours, email me and I'll give you credit.

Is it a keeper?

Well, what do you think of the new layout? Not sure if I love it yet or not. We'll see. I'm in the mood for some CHANGE!


Oh Happy Day!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
My parents left last week to go on a cruise for 10 days! They got home today around 4:00 and I am so glad to see them. You don't realize how much they do until they're gone and you have to do everything for yourself.

Emptying the dishwasher.
Finding my keys when I lose them.
Putting my flip flops in my room when I leave them around.
Folding my blanket when I leave it on the couch.
Making a fantastic dinner every night.
Sharing jokes.

Mom, I missed you and I'm so glad you're home. Happy Mother's Day!

I love you.


Not your friend....

Hola mi amigas! Hope you had a splendid Cinco de Mayo yesterday. After my first final yesterday morning I met my great friend Jeromee for lunch at Tarahumara's for some yummy mexican food. Mmm, sour cream chicken enchiladas, double rice no beans.....perfect. Ironically, they also had drink specials, 2 tecates with lime and a margarita later I stumbled out of the restaurant and made it back to campus in time to take....ANOTHER FINAL. Not smart, Holly. Never in my life have I ever shown p to class with a buzz/mildly intoxicated. Well, there's a first time for everything right? I swear, that final was the longest one I had ever taken. 2 long essays (I filled 7 pages in my blue book) and it took me an hour and a half, plus on top of that I was the first person done in a class of 65 people. What was I thinking??!?! Moral of the story: during finals week, margaritas and tecates are NOT your friend....especially right before a test.