So much to share! Where do I begin?

I told you about my awesome friend Jessica G. I work with her husband, Chad. (They are seriously the cuuuutest couple in the entire world) Jessica does hair and every time we get together she ends up playing with my hair or teaching me a new way to style it.

I made the hour trek down to Prague yesterday for some high lites, low lights and a trim and she did a GREAT job. Then we ventured downtown and explored. We went to a great junk store and I got some vintage ledger paper for a quarter. Jessica got 2 books. Then we went to the craft mall/bridal shop/prom shop. This place was so funny, all of the dresses were from 1990's, with LOTS of fake pearl beads, lace sleeves, and puffy shoulders, bows on the butts, etc. They were atrocious. But, we tried on wedding veils and that was FUN!

This one is a keeper!
I like the wedding veil headband. This was my fav and I almost bought it!

New hair 'do. Do you love it? Nope, it's not a perm, just some fancy curling iron work.

Eikes! Yup, I'm a foil head.

Something I didn't mention earlier, I took a call with the bomb squad last week. Such a cool experience. This is the robot that detonates bombs. (Yes, I'm aware that it looks like I've got a pipe coming out of my head!)


I get paid to watch NBA games....

Worked an overtime shift last night at a Thunder Game. This was my first Thunder game and it was pretty darn fun. I'm sure it would have been more fun if I was there as a fan and not as a medic. But it was great, nonetheless.

This is Rumble, the Thunder's new mascot. He was revelaed during halftime and descended from the rafters of the arena on a drum set. Everyone I talked to had a comment about him. My sister thought he looks like Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Kim said Sasquach. I think he looks like a warewolf. His mane needs to be crimped like a buffalo. The shaggy hair just isn't doing it for me.

I work Thunder games for the next 2 weeks and I work Blazers games the next 2 weeks too. Man! Have I mentioned that I like the overtime? And not only the overtime, but I get paid to watch NBA games! How sweet is that?

I'm also happy to report that there were no injuries last night (on the floor anyway).


Another Exciting Day....

Work has been crazy this week. Gary was off at drill this weekend, so I had new partners each day. Saturday I worked with Clint, he's new and really cool. We only ran 3 calls. Sunday I worked with Rick and he was a lot of fun too. Monday I was with Abbey and she was great. Everyone told me she was a total jerk, but we got along just fine.

I got sent to Ardmore last night to help out with tornado damage. We drove down there hot (with lights and sirens). They gave me a brand spankin new truck to take down there. I was the first person to drive it. What a privilege. These trucks have a thing called a "howler" siren on them.



I just need to say it...

Do you ever see something and you bite your tongue and then it just builds up and you feel like you're going to explode? I'm at that point right now. I'm going to get slack for this, I just know it, but I find it so darn irritating.

Scrappers who think that because they are "someone" in the scrapping community that they can charge outrageous prices for the stuff they sell on Etsy. I was looking at Etsy and I found something that was pretty cute and I thought about buying it. When I looked at the price, it was $70!!! for a JOURNAL! I find that absolutely ridiculous. It had a little bit of trim on the edge and an old key and pictures of birds from a vintage book.....for $70. What makes this person feel like they can charge something like that? Is it because she made it? What if I had made it and tried charging that much for it? Would anyone buy it? Probably not. The solution: Put it in perspective. Would the artist pay that much for a journal? Isn't Etsy about buying homemade at a decent price? Not screwing people who admire your work.

I'm sure this rant will ruffle some feathers (no pun intended, since it's about a bird journal). I'm just agitated that because this woman is "someone" that she feels like she can charge and arm and a leg for her stuff.

The End.