I'l put on my hat and gloves and in the snow we'll fall in love...


I have to go make my car payment today, but besides that I'll be staying in my house all day baking with my mom and playing with my puppies.

Stay warm!


A Much Needed Break....

No school tomorrow because of bad weather. ROCK ON! So excited about that. So, now, I only have two more class periods and then the finals and I'm done for the semester. Exciting news! Maybe tomorrow I'll scrap all afternoon. I talk big, but it depends on what I've got going on tomorrow. I've got so many things I need to scrap...family Christmas pictures, my dad's NASCAR race, OU football, Glenn Beck show in July, etc.

I've started making gifts already! Here's Meaghan's zig zag book. Totally in love with the papers. I love Savannah by Foof-A-La!


Ho Ho Ho

Christmas pictures!!!! These will be gracing our Christmas cards this season. So excited about how good these turned out. Nobody wanted to take ones in the backyard, but I persisted and those turned out the best. *Note my cool new hair 'do* Awesome, I tell ya.

Anyway, here are a few pics for your viewing enjoyment....

How it used to be...

Ugh...am I the only one that's totally not interested in going to school today? I have a Management test this morning at 8:00. What a nice way to come back to class, ya know? Seriously, who is going to study over the break for the test? I know I didn't. I'm a slacker, I know.

I subbed Algebra at the Mid High yesterday. The teacher left NO directions for me what so ever. Ususally they leave worksheets, a video, etc. Nothing. I found her lesson plan book and saw what they should be working on, so I actually taught a lesson and assigned homework. You know how terrible I am at Math. I did surprisingly well. It was dealing with slope (rise/run) which I actually understand really well. Everyone seemed to understand the lesson and a few kids said something along the line of "Can you teach all of the lessons? Mrs. So-and-so is a BAD teacher and I don't get it". Quite flattering.

I'm loving Chris Daughtry's CD, "Daughtry" It's so good. Slightly rock-ish, mostly just great songs. I totally could picture hearing this on the radio....I wish they'd start playing it.

I started working on Christmas gifts this weekend. Emma and Meaghan are getting zig zag books that I made. I'll leave spaces for them to put pictures, but I'm decorating with some fun quotes, and embellishments, etc. Should be super cute once it's done.

Must rub to school now....yuck.

OOH! How about that OU game, huh? My dad has tickets to the Big 12 game this weekend.....should be fun!


A New look

I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome. Mine was great. Everything turned out really good...except for the fact that I got drunk off my ass (this was after dinner though).

I got my hair cut and colored and it's super wonderful. It's blonde and shorter and very cute. I'll try to get some pictures of it up this weekend...no promises though.

Jessica is coming over tonight and we're going to go see Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell. It looks really funny. I love Will Ferrell.

I've got a killer headache right now so I need to go take some Excedrin before I go out so I'm not cranky tonight.


Two posts today!!! Aren't you lucky....

I found time in my busy schedule to give you two posts in one day! I'm nothing like Kim, she made 3 posts a few days ago, what a treat!

I got my hair cut and colored today. I'm wearing it different now and not flipped out. It's straight and down, it's very cute. I just hope I can replicate it tomorrow morning. Don't you hate it when you get your hair done and it's super cute and then once you get home you can't make it look good? I know I hate when that happens. So, please keep your fingers crossed that I have good luck with it tomorrow.

We're taking our Christmas pictures tomorrow! It's going to be so exciting! I love having my picture taken. I'm such a cheeseball for the camera.

I can't wait to get my hands on the newspaper tomorrow morning. I love looking at the ads. I just can't control myself. I don't plan on going shopping on Friday, but it's fun to look. I prefer to stay home and be safe. There are entirely too many crazies out shopping.

There might not be time for a post tomorrow, so if not, have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

*yawn* Good Morning!

Have you ever watched the Megan Mulally Show? I like her better as Karen on Will and Grace. As for a talk show host....not so much.

I have absolutely no plans for today. I'm going to hang out and be lazy today. I'll probably scrapbook for a while. I need to make some Christmas presents for some lucky ladies....so maybe I'll do that today.

Have you been to Sephora at Penn Square Mall? Oh my goodness! It's fantastic!!! It's a make up lovers paradise.

Do you remember Chris Daughtry from American Idol? He was the bald rocker guy. His CD came out yeaterday and I bought it! It's really good. I'm loving it.

Okay, I need to go take a shower. I'ts 11:20 and I'm still in my pajamas. Must be productive today....maybe I'll knock out some Christmas shopping....maybe....


Yay for Thanksgiving break!

Had my economics test today. I left feeling really bad about it, but I've been going over the answers (we get to keep the tests) and I've been looking over the test and back to the book trying to figure out how I did.

I went to the liquor store and got some wine tonight and some of those little tiny bottles. I decided to try Hypnotique (at Matt's suggestion) and it's *so* good. Yummy!

I've been watching that new show "3lbs." and it's good. I like it a lot. It's about a brain surgeon and his patients. It's got Stanley Tucci in it. I like him.

So stinkin tired right now....but I want to do something fun. My sister is seeing James Bond tonight.

I think some soup sounds so good right now. I love Minnestrone soup, but potato soup is my favorite. I had some chicken enchilada soup from Chili's To-Go for lunch today. SO good!

Okay, this was pretty random...which must mean that me brain is tired and I need some sleep. Later!


I *heart* Norman

I am so excited about transferring to Norman. Seriously....can not wait. I'm anxious to see what I get in my classes this semester as well. I'm hoping and praying for good things. Luckily, if I retake Child Psychology and Math, it should bump my GPA up by a LOT! So, I shouldn't have a problem.

That said, I had to completely re-arrange my schedule for next semester. I'm now taking Child Psychology, Math, Accounting and Business Law. Just 12 hours. I even dropped my fun Dallas Study tour because even though it would be a super easy A, it just won't even help me at OU. Emma and Meaghan are not going to be happy about that.

Have I told you about my friend, Austin? Okay, Austin is 23 or 24 and I met him in my Microeconomics class last semester. We sat by eachother and had a friendly competition going on all semester about who would have the highest grade. Anyway, we took macroeconomics together this semester to continue the grade war. I'm winning, by the way. Anyway, he's going to OU next semester to study Energy Management. So, I called him this afternoon and told him that I was going to transfer to OU to do Energy Management too. We're pretty excited to have the same major and we'll probably take most of our classes together which will be awesome so we'll know someone AND we'll have an automatic study buddy. How freakin sweet is that? Awesome, I know.

Okay, I have an Economics test tomorrow and I must go study so I can beat Austin on the test.


Love to Shop!

Went shopping this afternoon with my sister. I got 4 great sweaters at New York and Company. You want to see them? Okay...

http://www.nyandcompany.com/nyco/browse/product_detail_with_picker.jsp?productId=prod10005 I got this one in red and black and another sweater in pink and snow white. It's super cute.

Going back to Norman on Monday and I'm going to look as cute as can be.

Did you know that the National Dog Show is on tv on Thanksgiving? I want to watch it. I love dogs!

Okay, I'm going to watch Dateline "To Catch a Predator". Some people are so stinkin dumb.


Don't sweat the small stuff...

Life is full of big exciting things. Don't get wrapped over the little details. It's not worth it.

Went to 7ML today and got some fantastic treats! How about the new transparency 4x6 overlays? Super cute. I bought about a gazillion of them. The new Basic Grey Christmas line? Yup, got that too. Lots of cute stuff. *sigh* I love that place.

Going Christmas shopping tomorrow with my sister. Should be lots of fun. Monday I'm going to Norman and she's going to go to the Price School of Business with me to get advised. I'm getting super excited about Energy Management. So stinkin cool.

I spent the evening at home and baked cookies tonight. Yum. I love home made cookies. They're a million times better than store bought cookies.

Matt called me this moring around 10:00...

Matt: Hey. What are you doing?
Me: Oh not a lot, just blow drying my hair. What are you up to?
Matt: Nothing, just laying in bed. Did you get my text?
Me: Um, no. I've been in the shower and messing with the blow dryer, so I probably didn't hear it. Why?
Matt: Well, what are you doing between 2 and 3 today?
Me: I'm subbing. Why?
Matt: I was going to see if you could take me to the airport.
Me: Um, I can take you there at 11:30, but I have to be at the high school at noon.
Matt: Oh, okay, well, I'll check with a few other people. You were just my first choice.
Me: Oh, okay. Well, sorry. Have fun in Denver.
Matt: Thanks, bye.
Me: Bye!

Okay, I think that's pretty much it for today. Hopefully, I'll have more good stuff to post tomorrow. Later!


Today and a bit of Survivor talk

Survivor and Grey's Anatomy tonight! Yay! So excited about that.

School was great today. I got an 88 on my Management test. Woo hoo! For the class I have an 85.5 with 4 tests down, we still have 2 homeworks to do and 2 more tests, plus we get points for attendance and participation. So, there's a good possibility that I could get an A. I didn't go to Sales Management because I had Economics homework to do and I went to my Economics professor's office to get some help with a graph I had to do. Problems of Today's Consumers was pretty boring. we watched a video about insurance and then talked for a little while about it. We don't have that class next Tuesday, so I'm going to take my Economics test during that time so I can leave early. In Economics today my professor, Kyle, brought his son. His name is Kellen and he's 6 and just the cutest kid ever. He drew me a picture when I was visiting for office hours and during class he sat by me and make me a card with a heart and a happy face. Too cute.

I'm subbing tomorrow at the high school teaching history for my old history teacher. I *love* him. He's the best, so I'm extra excited about subbing for him.

Okay, I'll end this with a survivor prediction....leaving us will be Rebecca and.....Jenny? I think that's her name.....final two prediction...Yul and Ozzy.


Here comes Santa Claus

So excited about Christmas! It's just around the corner.

So, my sister works at at a restaurant on Meridian right now. Well, she's thinking about quitting and going to the new location on I-240. This awesome guy, John, is managing it. John is badass. He's the best. Anyway, she said that they still need to hire lots of people, so I think I'm going to apply. I love substitute teaching, but I'm just not making any money doing it. I might start off as a hostess, or maybe just go straight to a waitress. I need to talk to John and see what he says. I know my sis makes big $$, (she can easily make $100 a night) So...we'll see.


Tag Swap

Participating in my first EVER tag swap. The swap has a Christmas theme, hence the cute Christmasy stuff. The one that says, "family" is actually covered in fabric, (my first time playing with fabric on paper) and it turned out SO cute. I especially love the pink ones with the lime green Heidi Swapp letters. I think the color is gross, even though I *love* lime green, it's just an off color gree to me, but it looks GREAT with that paper. Loves it!



It's cold today!

Went to Kingfisher and Hennessey with my mom and a few ladies she works with. So fun. We hit a few craft shows and just hang out. Good times.

I babysat for some neighbors tonight, they have 3 girls, ages 12, 5 and 3. We had a great time and I made $50 for just watching their kids for 4 hours. AWESOME. The 12 year old was pretty independent. She didn't require too much attention and spent most of the evening in her room watching tv.

I had to get up early this morning, so tomorrow, I'm sleeping in ALL day. No plans for me, just going to be a lazy bum and scrapbook all afternoon.

Exciting news. My mom has to work on Thanksgiving so I AM IN CHARGE of "the meal". How awesome is that? I watched Rachael Ray make Thanksgiving in an hour last night, so I can totally do it. I'm scared shitless, but if I can do Thanksgiving, then I can conquer any culinary challenge that will EVER face me. Awesomeness.


Thanks Joe

NINE lasts:
9. last food: Subway
8. last cigarette: eew, no smoking for me
7. last beverage: root beer
6. last phone call: my neighbor, I'm babysitting for her tomorrow
5. last text message: Jessica
4. last cd played: The Fray
3. last BUBBLE bath: Last night!!
2. last time you cried: 10 minutes ago watching Oprah
1. last kiss: hm....it's been a while...

EIGHT have you's:
8. have you ever dated someone twice: no
7. have you ever been cheated on: yes
6. have you ever bought condoms?: no
5. have you ever kissed someone & regret it?: yes
4. have you ever fallen in love?: no
3. have you ever lost someone: yes
2. have you ever been depressed: yes
1. have you ever been drunk and thrown up: yes

SIX things you did in the past three days:
1. Went to school: Tuesday and Thursday
2. Went to work: Monday and Friday
3. Colored: nope
4. Got drunk: nope
6. Slept: yes

list FOUR people you can tell almost anything to --
1. Jessica
2. Leslie
3. My sister
4. Mom

list THREE favorite colors:
1. green
2. pink
3. red

So Far in '06 I have........
Been to school - yes
Made a new friend - yes
Fallen out of love - no
Done something you swore never to do - yea, I took a "real" scrapbooking class
Laughed until you cried - yes
Went behind your parents back - no
Met someone who changed your life - yea
Gotten close to someone - yes, good friends
Found out who your true friends were - Yeah...known for a while though

1. Bush? I love George!
2. Gay Marriage? Not my thing
3. Lowering the drinking age? No, it's 21 for a reason
4. Straight, Gay, Bi? straight
5. Do you have a crush? yes
6. Who is the best hugger that you know? my sister's friend Terrell, he's great
7. Do you believe in Love at first sight: I believe in Lust at first sight.
8. Is there something you want to tell someone? Not really.
9. What brand of shirt are you wearing? Eddie Bauer
10. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends? no, they're all girls
11. Do you have "A thing" with someone? Not that I know of...
12. How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? everyone
13. How many kids do you want to have? 2 or 3
14. Do you have a good relationship with your parents? yep
15. Do you wanna change your name? no, I like it
16. What did you do for your last birthday? Went out to eat with family and friends.
18. What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping
19. Name something you CANNOT wait to do: graduate and get married!
20. Last time you saw your dad? 15 minutes ago
21. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? That I would almost be done with school!
22. Which hand do you like better? My right, it's my scrapbooking hand! Ha ha.
23.What are you listening to right now? Rachael Ray.
24.Have you ever talked to Tom? no
25. Have you ever donated money to a good cause? yes
26. Have you ever talked about someone behind their back? Yeah...it's called high school.
27. Least favorite month? November
28. What's the last piece of clothing you borrowed from anyone? hm...a necklace from my sister.
29. Who's getting on your nerves right now? nobody
30. Most visited webpage? facebook
31. Would you help your best friend fight if he/she is losing? sure.
32. Coke or Pepsi: coke
33. Do you have a crush? sure do
34. Have you kissed or been kissed by anyone in the past week? nope
35. Do you disagree with a lot of things going on in the world? Hm...disagree? Yea, I'm super pissed that the Democrats got the House and the Senate
36. Do you think there's some models/people out there, that are too thin? Heck yes! Someone get those girls a cheeseburger!
35. Do you wish you lived in NYC? No way! Far too liberal for me.


Hello, goodbye

Substitute teaching tomorrow at the Middle School. So excited. It's going to be awesome. 8th graders are cool.

I got some new ice cream. It's coffee ice cream with chocolate covered almonds and fudge swirled in. SO good. It's by Starbucks. So get some....in the ice cream section at Wal-Mart.

My puppy Maggie is fast asleep by me right now and my other puppy, Susie is asleep at my feet.

My mom is going to be in the Mercy Hospital holiday commercial. I'm so excited for her. I've been bugging her to do it for a few years now, so she's finally going to do it. Good for her. So, keep your eyes peeled. I think it's so cool how it's all of their employees in it singing. Love that!

School today was awesome. Meaghan, Emma and I decided not to go to Management today. Our professor is old and can't pronounce half of the words on his power points. He's cool, but kinda boring. Sales Management was great. I love my professor in there. He's coming on the Dallas Study tour and it'll be fun to see him out of "teacher mode". I should be getting my book report back in Problems of Consumer's class back next Tuesday. I hope I did well on it. Economics was great today too. Austin was back in class today. It was *so* good to see him. I missed him. So, my Economics buddy is back ! Horray!

Watching the end of "Prime" right now. Not my favorite movie, but it's on, so I'm watching it. I'm not a big Meryl Streep fan...

Okay...going to bed now....I'm a middle schooler tomorrow...except for the fact that I can drive and I'm way cooler. *ha ha....wishful thinking*



What a great day!

Had so much fun today with Kim and Kensington! We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then went to 7 Minutes Later. Speaking of 7 Minutes Later...while we were there today Corinne said something again about me working there. That's SO awesome. I would absolutely love to work there.

What a fantastic day. Now, only one more day of school this week....

what happened?

...so dissappointed with the elections last night....

WHAT were they thinking?


50 things

I stole this from my friend Bret.
1. Height?*5'3" Yea, I'm short
2. Have you ever smoked heroin?* Absolutely not. Drugs are gross
3. Do you own a gun?* My dad got me a gun one year for Christmas. (Weird, I know!)
5. Do you get nervous before "meeting the parents?"* No, parents love me.
6. What do you think of hot dogs?* I prefer not to think about their contents, but I like them okay.
7. What's your favorite Christmas song?* Silent Night
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?* Hot chocolate
9. Can you do push ups?* I can, I just prefer not to.
10. Is your bathroom clean?* Pretty clean
11. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?*My diamond and sapphire ring my parents got me.
12. Do you like painkillers?* If I'm hurt, they're great.
14. Do you have A.D.D.?* Not that I know of
16. Middle Name?* Elizabeth
17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?* 1. I don't want to get ready. 2. I need to finish a scrapbook mini-album I'm working on. 3. Boys are dumb.
18. Name the last 3 things you have bought:*1. a movie ticket to see "Borat", 2. gas, 3. scrapbook goodies
19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:* 1. Water with lemon 2. Coke 3. Bud Light
22. Current worry? Finals. I'm so ready for this semester to be over with.
23. Current hate?* Hate? That's awfully harsh. Current dislike....a certain boy that likes you and then he doesn't, and then he does and then he's "in a relationship" with another girl.
24. Favorite place to be?* In my scrap room hard at work
25. Least favorite place to be?* Problems of Today's Consumer class. Yuck!
26. Where would you like to go?* Right now? It's cold, so someplace warm. Australia!
27. Do you own slippers?* Heck yes I do!
28. What shirt are you wearing?* a brown tee that I slept in last night.
29. Do you burn or tan?* I just burn. No tanning, unfortunately.
30. Favorite color(s)?* red, brown, pink
31. Would you be a pirate?* No, I'm not cool enough to be a pirate.
33. What songs do you sing in the shower?* I don't sing in the shower, but I prefer to listen to musicals.
34. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?* Snakes.
35. What's in your pockets right now?* No pockets.
36. Last thing that made you laugh?*My puppies.
37. Best bed sheets as a child?* Little Mermaid
38. Worst injury you've ever had?* I got hit in the face with a foul ball at the Big 12 Baseball game in May. That was pretty bad!
40. How many TVs do you have in your house?* 8
41. Who is your loudest friend?* I am.
42. Who is your most silent friend?* Hm...I don't ahve quiet friends.
43. Does someone have a crush on you?* OOh! I hope so!
44. Do you wish on shooting stars?* I have
45. What is your favorite book?* The Real America
46. What is your favorite candy?* MilkyWay Midnight
47. What song do/did you want played at your wedding?* At Last
48. What song do you want played at your funeral?* Change in My Life
49. What were you doing at 12 AM last night?*Myeesing around on MySpace
50. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up* "Oh man. I don't want to get up"


I love weekends!

Yay for the weekend!

I'm going to El Reno tomorrow with my mom. We're going crafting. Other than that, no big plans. I want to scrapbook all weekend. Look for pictures of my projects coming soon!

Oh, and apparently Matt has a girlfriend after a day?!?! What the heck? I'm still his friend, but he's out of his mind if he thinks I'm going to put up with this. Just not worth it.

I'm subbing at the Middle schools this next week (except for Wednesday! Horray for lunch with Kim!)

Gotta visit the Hanson message boards and see what's happening over there....peace out!


How sweet it is...

So, I came home today and guess what was waiting for me in my Inbox? An email from Matt. Interesting. I knew the good 'ol silent treatment would work....ya just have to give it time. He missed me, I know it. So, anyway we're talking again.

Horray! Survivor and Grey's Anatomy tonight. Yay!


Happy First Day of November!

November 1st! *sigh* I love it!

So, I'm pretty sure Matt and I aren't talking. Not really sure why...I invited him to come to Norman with me on Monday and he said he couldn't because he was "too busy". But yet, while I'm down there he's sending me pictures of him and Sean on my phone then he suggested that I was boring. So...he's too busy to go to Norman with me, but not too busy for Sean? I don't get it. Therefore, while I was in Norman I met up with my friend Jeromee and we took lots of cute pictures just to prove that I wasn't boring.

Anyway, I think he was jealous. Then he told me something about having a date with a girl. I asked what her name was and he called me nosy. So, this "nosy" lady is staying out. I haven't talked to him since Monday night. When he wants to get over it, he knows where to find me.

I finished my book report today. It's really good!

And, for the icing on the cake, I got a 92 on my Sales Management test! YAY!