Fun Survey

I took this from Elsie's blog. Woops. It looked fun!

A= Available~ yes.
B= Best Friend~ Jessica, Meaghan or Leslie.
C= Cake or pie~ mmm, pecan pie sounds good, but I love black forrest cake or lemon cake.
D= Drink of choice~ I love coke, but I'm a water girl.
E= Essential item you use everyday~ lip gloss!.
F= Favorite color~ I love white, but I've used a lot of brown lately.
G= Gummy bears or worms~ worms, hands down.
H= Hometown~ Yukon/Mustang!
I= Indulgences~ spinach artichoke dip.
J= January or February~ Feb, it's the shortest!
K= Kids and Names~ No kids for me yet.
L= Life is incomplete without?~ my family!
M= Marriage date~ not married
N= Number of siblings~ just a sister!
O= Oranges or apples~ hm...apples.
P= Phobias or Fears~ my family getting hurt, I'm scared of heights, deep water, and I have this weird phobia of things really heavy looming over my head, like the airplane room at the Omniplex museum or the airplanes of those concrete pillars at the fairgrounds. HATE THOSE!
Q= Favorite Quote~ Be who you are and say what you want because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter - Dr. Seuss.
R= Reason to smile~ fun times with my family and friends.
S= Season~ autumn!!
T= tv shows - Grey's Anatomy!
U= Unknown fact about me~ I can't swim
V= Vegetable you don't like~ broccoli, cauliflower, squash.
W= Worst habit~ biting my nails.
X= X-rays~ arm, ankle, and face from "the baseball incident".
Y= Your favorite food~ anything italian
Z= Zodiac Sign~ saggitarius


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~Kim said...

Thanks Holly..know I know more about you without having to ask! I probably could have guessed and figured some of those out!