I am a total badass

So we had our homeowners association meeting tonight. Our problem neighbor was there and was a total jackass. He tried to start a fight with my dad about his building being next to our house and not behind our house. For the average moron, you would think that's how it looks. Anyway, the problem neighbor kept being an ass and my dad kept shooting him down, and flipping him off. So, I raised my hand to speak and pretty much shut the problem neighbor down. Legally speaking, the front of your house is where your mailbox is located. Therefore, since our mailbox is on Wimberley Drive, that is the front of our house. Not, where wour front door is. I clearly explained this to him in my firm "teacher voice". I was very clear and precise about how the laws and covenants are written. He tried to raise his voice at me, but I got louder and domainted. I'm pretty much a badass.

NOBODY picks on my family, or me. I don't tolerate it. He showed everyone what a true jackass he really is. After the meeting was over, several of my neighbors came up to me and told me how brave I was and how they thought it was so nice of me to stick up for my dad.


~Kim said...

You are a bad@$$ Holly! Why doesn't that guy just sell his house and get out while he can??