::there were moments ago and there were flashes of light::

Norman was a blast last night. Meaghan and I met up with Chris in Norman. Meaghan and I ate at Panera *one of our favorite places, it's oh so yummy* and then went to Chris' house and sturpised him. From there we went to O'Connell's and then back to Chris' house to watch Talladega Nights.

Tonight we're going to On The Border (just us girls) and then we're going back to O'Connell's. There will be more people there this time, so it'll be more fun. Last night was just....not fun. Chris was picking on me all night long (and not in a fun way, but in a mean rude way). I didn't say anything about it beacuse I didn't want to seem like a crybaby, but when Meaghan and I were in my car driving back, she said, "Chris was really rude to you tonight." I'm glad she picked up on that too and it wasn't just me. I've never seen him behave that way before...ever. And frankly, I will not tolerate it. It's like he was trying to belittle me to make himself look better. I'm so dissappointed in his behavior and if it happens again tonight I'm leaving. I will not just sit back idly as he makes fun of me. (like making fun of me because I can't do math very well. What's next, is he going to pick on a kid that can't read well?)

So, anyway I hope tonight will be better than last night.

For you entertainment I'm posting a picture of my very first scrapbook page....ever. Let me explain the page. First of all, everyone knows I love Hanson. So, as you can imagine it was a Hanson layout. Pink rose paper, and a big picture of Taylor I had cut out of "Tiger Beat" magazine. The smaller picture is a picture I took the very first time I met Hanson because every Hanson fan has to make a stop by their house. Duh! Luckily, they were home, so that's Taylor walking down the stairs. The writing at the top of the page is a quote I got from a Tiger Beat magazine as well. It reads, "Do you ever think you'll cut your hair? A: It's just hair! That's all we have to say on the matter. It's just hair" And yes, those are butterfly stickers and glitter star stickers as well. I told you my first pages were crap-tastic. I've come a long way, baby. Enjoy and don't make fun of me too bad.


~Kim said...

You've come a LONG way girlie! You are a brave soul for posting your 1st pages....totally cracks me up.

We will have to chit chat about Chris on Tuesday...I say classes with him at OU is a no-go! : )

Hope you having a good time in Norman tonight.