Boomer Sooner

So, it's official. I submitted my application for admissionto OU today. I thought I needed a 2.5GPA to be admitted as a transfer student. Turns out, I'm not counted as a transfer student at all, but as a re-admitted student, therefore I only need a 2.0GPA to be re-admitted. HOLLA!!! Therefore I'm totally admissable RIGHT NOW! So, I scampered home as fast as I could (within reason because I was driving in the ice) to fill out my application. The only thing I need now is my official transcript from UCO to send to the Admissions office. I'm so giddy/excited right now. MY GPA still isn't high enough to get admitted to the college of Education at OU, but my advisor said to declare History (College of Arts and Sciences) as my major for the time being. Works for me. So, if all goes according to plan, I'll be a student at OU for the summer.

Now, I just have to see what I can take. Have I mentioned that I hate Spanish? Oh yes, yes, I do. Guess who has to take 5 hours of it! *looks around* Yea, that would be me. Maybe I can take it online.

I'm gonna look at the classes and explore OU's wbesite more. Have a fantastic day!