My snow week was so nice. When my alarm buzzed this morning at 6:40 I wanted to burrow deeper under the covers. I subbed Special Ed today. These kids just had mild learning disabilities. It was a pretty good day. I met a really cute History teacher. *sigh* Gorgeous, I tell ya!

I've also been thinking really hard about needing another job. I finally decided to call the bank that I used to work at. They need a part time teller at their location in Yukon Wal-Mart. I told her that I was only going to be able to work from like 4-8. She was so excited. So, I could be back there fairly soon. :-) We'll see though. I'm a girl with an expensive scrapping habit and I love shoes and purses. I need to really get some more $$ soon. I hate having to limit my spending. *wink*

Got lots of reading to do tonight for classes tomorrow. Therefore, I must get moving.