Just some stuff...

It was so nice to sleep in today. I stayed in bed until 10:30. It was fantastic.

I hurt my knee yesterday. My dad has a generator in the garage and I whacked my knee on it. OMG, it hurt so bad.

Meaghan and I are going to meet Chris, his sister Megan and a few of his meteorology friends at O'Connell's tonight. then I think we're going back to Chris' house and going to watch movies.

I must find something cute to wear. You never know who you might see. *ha ha* I have a fuzzy black sweater I might wear. It's pretty cute.

Back to school on Tuesday. My break was fantastic. I'm excited to get to school and learn lots of fun new things. I'm wicked excited about being a social studies education major. I love history and political science. So, I think my classes are going to be pretty awesome. I'm excited to learn new things.

You know what I currently love? The Military channel. I find it very interesting.