Annie Oakley

Woke up at 8:15 this morning to go to the gun range with my dad, Clarence and Cody. Let me just tell you, we had SO much fun. Clarence is a retured police officer and member of the SWAT team. He taught me how to grip the gun better which turned out awesome and I was much more accurate. I shot the .22, 9mm, .38, .44 and a .45! It was so much fun. Let me tell, ya, I'm a girl that loves to shoot guns!

I got a call to sub today for Wednesday at the Education Center for gifted and talented kids. I totally love subbing over there becuase I'm done for the day by 2:00! It's the best, no joke. Friday I'll be back at the high school subbing Math, which will be great becuase I'll get to see some of my kida I had for my long term sub job. *sigh* I was quite fond of them!

**Kim, I'm thinking happy thoughts for you.**


~Kim said...

All I can say is thanks Holly...I need happy thoughts coming my way. It's a rough time for us!