Owl Always Love You

What is the deal with all of the owls now? I've been seeing them everywhere. This one is on top of OU's Engineering building. How did they get it up there? And why is it green?

I've been so busy this week. Life is so crazy and hectic right now. Does life come with a PAUSE button? I'll be going to Edmond tonight to see the boyfriend and study for Math. I really need a good grade on this test. We can use a note card so that's good.

I'm extremely excited about working at 7ML this weekend. I hope I get inspired to make something wonderful. It seems like every time I work I come home so....inspired and with this creative energy. This is a good thing. I can totally tell a difference in my work since I've started working there.

Subbing was alright today. I had 9th graders and I was teaching Oklahoma History which is totally my thing. They were decent, but man, they just don't listen to a word you say. Plus, just my luck, we had a tornado AND a fire drill. I hate being in charge when they have those...scary.

Have you been keeping up with American Idol? Keep your eyes on that Lakisha Jones girl. She's awesome. I love her voice.


Busy girl

Let me just say that I don't like middle schoolers. They're in this weird funk. Too old to be treated like children, not old enough to be treated like adults and they're so loud. They talk and talk and talk and then you say shhh! You guys need to get busy. I don't want to leave anyone's name for detention. They're quiet for maybe....30 seconds, then you hear a whisper across the room, and all hell breaks loose.

I spent most of the day working on my essays for my european history test tomorrow. There are 5 ID questions where you have to write a paragraph about each of the terms and then we have 2 essays. He gave us the study guide last week with all of the terms for the ID's and 8 Essays on it. Of the 30 ID terms he'll choose 5 for us to write on and of the 8 essay questions, he'll choose 2 for us to write on. I studied my ass off today, let me tell ya. I wrote 8 essays, using my notes and the books for the classes. There's just so much material. It's not even funny.

On top fo that stuff, have I mentioned my Math project that's due tomorrow? Or how about my Oklahoma History quiz? I also have a Math test on Thursday. Nice, I know....

I don't have pictures of any new creations to post today. *sigh* That makes me sad. The new guy my sister is dating, Chris saw my shadow box I made for Shannon and sent me a little note that said, "You've got some damn good skill, Holly". Totally made my day.


For Shannon

Made this for my sister's roommate, Shannon for her birthday. It took me about 3 hours and is oh-so cute! She loved it.


Work was awesome yesterday. I hung out with Cheri' all day. She's so awesome, that girl totally cracks me up. Anyway, I got so much work done yesterday. I did my first layout of me and Zac. I did my best to make it as manly as possible and not too girly. Although, there is some hand stitching on my page. Oh well, it's cute. I also made some garland! This was my first attempt at making garland. I saw one at the store that Corrine had made and it was gorgeous. So, I had to make one of my own. I used the Twinkle Type letters and the black and white Imaginicene papaer along with some green Bazzill paper. I had to put the banner close together so it would all fit in the picture, but when it's all stretched out, it's about 2 yards long. I'm hooked, I must make more!!!


A little bit of love....

Took these last night while I was helping Zac do laundry and get packed for Chicago. I'm missing him....I have a whole 4 days of not seeing him. What on Earth will I do tonight? Probably go to bed at a decent hour. *ha ha* Totally kidding.

Lots of good stuff on tv tonight....Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, heck yes!


A thing or two...

Have I mentioned before how much I hate being woken up when I'm sleeping? If I haven't....then I hate it....a lot. I come home from school today and I'm just freakin tired. So, I lay on the couch....doorbell rings....dogs bark.....total chaos. Lay back down....phone rings....answer phone....damn telemarketer.....lay back down....my mom needs something....get up....take care of mom....lay back down.....my dad comes home....dogs bark like crazy....GRRRRRR!!! Can't a girl get an hour or two of quiet? GOSH!

As I'm writing this, I look up and Maggie has something in her mouth....what is it? A paint brush. I swear, that little girl has me on my toes all the time.

I had planned on seeing Zac tonight after I help Kim with her Technology for Teachers stuff. But my phone just rang and it was Zac saying, "If you don't come to Edmond tonight, it's okay. I have some homework I need to work on." I have this sinking feeling though, like....something is happening in Edmond tonight and he's gonna go have fun and not study like he told me. Maybe I'll surprise him. *totally scandalous* Is that bad?

Alright, I'm gonna go. More to come later!


New goodies!

Hello! What a fun day! I subbed half a day and met Whitney for lunch at Panera. Then we did a bit of shopping. Such fun!

A few pictures of my latest creations. I made these at the crop on Friday. I did the hand stitching on the pages this afternoon. The flowers on the "mi familia" page were made by the lovely and oh-so talentied Miss Corrine.



3 weeks and counting....

Worked at the scrapbook store again today. Gosh, I love that place. I worked with Cindy which was so much fun. I didn't really know her very well, but after spending all day with her, let me tell you that she is one of the most kind, genuine people I know. That woman has style!

While I was at work, a special visitor came to see me. Zac dropped by around 4:45 and looked around for a little bit. After I got off at 5, we hung out for a while. I didn't get to see him yesterday since he went to Stillwater. I went to the crop at 7ML yesterday and I got so much accomplished. Look for pictures of my stuff tomorrow.

I've abstained from biting my nails for almost 3 weeks! How crazy is that? Also, this will be 3 weeks of seeing Zac. So very cool. We met in class on Jan. 30th and had our first "date" a week later, on Feb 6th. Awww. Too cute. We had an ice cream party on Thursday night and drove to Norman to see my sister and meet her boyfriend, Chris. What a little cutie he is! They're darling together. My sister loved Zac by the way.

Alright, I must go to bed now. I fell asleep on the couch and just woke up, so now I must re-locate myself to my bed.

Keep your eyes open for a picture and a little bit of info about me on the 7ML blog this week!


A few things to start my day....

Valentines Day was great. I subbed at the high school doing Special Education. Then I came home and studied for my Child Psychology test. I made Zac some chocolate covered strawberries and brought them up to his work. Then he came home with me to meet the parents. I attempted to show him how domesticated I am and make him a grilled cheese...however, his got burned. Woops! He ate it anyway. Zac left around midnight and I went to bed. This morning my mom stuck her head in my room while I was fixing my hair and said, "I like him, he's a keeper". That's good news.

Well, I must run. I'm in the LA building in the computer lab "studying" for my Child Psychology test at 11:00.

I need to get some pictures of Zac so I can scrapbook with them. He'll be gone to Stillwater tomorrow night for some frat thing and then he leaves for Chicago on the 22nd. Emma, Meaghan and I are having a girls weekend on the 23rd-25th and gettting pedicures, going to a girly movie and then out to dinner. Lots of girly fun! I haven't seen Meaghan in forever it seems.

Got my Math quiz back....80. I'm happy with that. I'm just anxious to see how I did on my Oklahoma History test. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.


Happy Valentines Day!

So, it's official. Zac and I are together. Valentines was great. We celebrated last night. He had to work until 9. I made spaghetti and put it in Gladware and drove to his frat house and we ate dinner. He got me a pearl necklace and I got him some jeans from Express and vanilla rum. I was hesitant about dating him at first, but the more time I spend with him, the more I feel good about it.

We talked about doing something tonight, but I have a Child Psychology test tomorrow. Plus he has to work until 9 tonight, so I wouldn't get home until late. We're definitely doing something tomorrow. Plus, I'll see him in class tomorrow.

Alright I must run. I have a child psychology test tomorrow



Lots of new things happening lately!

Working at the scrapbook store is the best thing ever. It's so nice to get to meet other people that share the same craft as you do. Lots of fun, interesting people coming in and asking for help picking out paper, ribbon, and just shopping. I feel very lucky to get to be a part of that.

I went out with Zac last night. We were quite the little socialite couple, hitting party after party. Fun times. I'm not much of a partier, but he is. We're pretty much opposited. Hopefully we can balance eachother out somewhat. He can teach me how to be a bit more outgoing and I can show him that he doesn't need to be quite so....overwhelming. It's a work in progress. I think we're doing Valentines tomorrow and studying for Math.

While I was at work yesterday, I picked up a few yummy treats! Cosmo Cricket's Halfway Cafe and Dutch Girl lines and some paper flowers made by Corrine herself. ooh la la! I can't wait to use them. I think the Dutch Girl line would make a darling mini book.

Off to bed. I have a math quiz and an Oklahoma History test on Tuesday. Yikes! Plus, I'm subbing middle school Home Economics tomorrow. Lots of little girls. Should be ultra exciting.


Holy crap!

So, I start tomorrow at the scrapbook store. Sudden, huh? I got the call this afternoon while I was with Zac. I could barely contain my excitement! My hands were shaking. This is gonna be good, I just know it. I honestly feel so good about working there. This is a good thing!

I got Zac's Valentine's gift today. Jeans from Express. They're called King's Pride or something along those lines. They have a lion embroidered on the butt, that's about all I know. I have a feeling I'm getting jewelry. *nice!*

I got my sister a makeup kit from Victoria's Secret. I think she'll like it.

Alright, I need to clean my room up before I go out tonight. So, I guess I should get started. Later!


hello dears

Hmm, well, he called Tuesday night and we hung out. I went to Edmond last night and hung out with him more. He got his tattoo filled in and it looked really good. Then we went back to his house for a while.

I'm sick today. I think I picked up something at the Mid-High yesterday. Cold? Flu? No idea. I just want it to go away. I didn't go to school today. Even better...my Oklahoma History test was postponed until Tuesday. Horray. That makes me feel so much better.

New Survivor premiers tonight and a new Grey's Anatomy! So excited about that.

Going back to bed now....lata


nothing, nada, zip, zilch...

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He wasn't even in class today. I got all cute-looking for nothing. Darn it! Total waste of cuteness. Although, he did call me and I talked to him for a little bit, so that's a plus. I'm trying so hard to not get excited and get my hopes up because nothing has happened.

I'm getting so excited about going to OU. It's going to be fantastic!


Going to school today...blah. Not in the mood.

On a brighter note, it's supposed to be 67 degrees today!


One more....

I found time this weekend to make 3 layouts! I'm really trying to keep my New Years resolution and do more scrapping. I'm hoping I'll make something wonderful enough to get published. We'll see though. I'm not sure if my stuff is that good yet or not.

I didn't have enough room to put the John Mayer pictures AND these three layouts I made. So, it required two posts!


John Mayer rocks my socks off...

The concert was fantastic. John Mayer is amazing live. There were several signs in the audience one said, "Sweet 16 and never been kissed. Will you be my first?" John read it and called the girl to the front of the stage area, jumped off the stage and give her a kiss. You go girl! I'm bringing a sign to my next concert.

The Super Bowl was alright. I didn't really get into it this year. The commericals were just alright. The Blockbuster one with the mouse was pretty cute. I'm very glad the Colts won!

I haven't found a sub job for tomorrow yet. I think I might just hang out here and work on some homework.


I'm Sooner born and Sooner bred and when I die...

It's official. I'm a Sooner again! I got my acceptance letter today. I already set up my OU email address: helloholly@ou.edu in case you wanted to know. For now I'll be a History major in the College of Arts and Sciences until I'm finished with my basics and can be admitted into the College of Education.

I even had time to make another scrapbook layout this afternoon. It's of Maggie and it's using the Basic Grey Blush line. Super cute.

John Mayer concert tonight! So exciting! Expect a full report tomorrow!

Be still my heart

I have no idea what "Be still my heart" means, but Teresa McFayden said it, so it must be something that's just fantastic.

Gonna have so much fun today. My dad is going to the gun and boat show and I get to tag along. Then we might go to the gun range and John Mayer is tonight. Holla! It's going to be hella fun.

So, Zac officially asked me out. I'm so excited. I think we're going to try to plan something for next week. I'd prefer to see him in class once more before we go out, we'll see if it works out that way or not.

I really want to try to run to 7 Minutes Later this weekend. I need some scrapping stuff. That's a lie, I don't need it, I just want it.

This is my latest page I made. I'm aware that OU's colors are not crimson and black, however, I was wearing a black sweater in the picture so I thought black cardstock looked better. Plus, I do have the white flowers. Love this page!

Okay my lovelies, I must run. Talk to you soon!


Getting a head start for the month...

6th graders are icky. We'll just leave it at that.

I had some free time tonight and made a few little treats. I had some extra pictures from when I went to Norman with Meaghan, so I decided to scrap with them. I'm maing a personal goal for myself, to do 15 layouts this month. I'm going to use more things I have laying around here.

American History tomorrow! So excited about that!

Did I mention that I'm going to the John Mayer concert on Saturday? Heck yes, it's going to be awesome.

Still rocking out to my Journey CD. It might be the best purchase I've made of 2007. Speaking of making purchases, I'm dying to go to 7 Minutes Later.

Okay, going to go to bed now....later!

Just a quick note...

I'm subbing 6th grade geography today and tomorrow is American History. I seriously think it's fate. Ever since I decided for sure that I'm going to be a teacher, I've gotten the best sub jobs. I'm especially excited about today and tomorrow. It's gonna be great, even though I think middle schoolers are weird.

So, I got a note back from Zach. I'm not going to get myself excited and worked up about it because it seems like when I get excited about someone it doesn't work out. So, I'll save myself from that whole mess and just live one day at a time. It's easier that way, trust me.

So, I was watching FOX NEWS this morning at 7:30 and that girl that met Hanson on Deal or No Deal, Jackie Monroe, is donating $8,000 so this girl can get survery. How kind is that? Hanson fans are the best, I tell ya.

My mom has today off work. I love days when my mom is home. I won't be home to hang out with her, but she's going to sew all day. She's going to start on another quilt for me very soon. Horray! Have I mentioned how much I love and treasure the quilts she makes me? I love them so much. What a fantastic heirloom to pass on to my children one day!

Alright, I must get going. I have to be at the school earlier today since I'm at middle school! Have a fun day!