Yup! She loves scrapbook paper too!

She looks like a scrapper don't ya think? After I got home from the Paper Crown on Saturday I had to spread out all of my new paper all over the floor in the living room and I had a little helper. Maggie sat patiently watching me and I think she loves the new Prima line as much as I do!

This girl is the best and since we work opposite weekends we don't get to see eachother that often, so I decided to stop by Saturday and see my favorite person named Cheri'!

My treasures. Did you know I've already started scrapping with them? They're SO yummy! *sigh* I'm in love, really I am.

It's official summer school is done. My quizzes have all been taken (yes, even the bonus one) and I'm officially FREE....for 3 weeks at least.

I start my new job tomorrow and I'm so excited about it. I have a cute new top to wear and it'll look so pretty! Can't wait!


All done!

I'm done with summer school! (Well, I have 2 quizzes to take online, but I'm done going to class!) I took my final yesterday and I rocked it. I know it! I wrote all about the Cold War, The Vietnam War, The Korean War, The 1960's counterculture, United States realations with the Soviet Union, and I wrote 2 pages alone on Watergate and the resignation of Nixon. The only thing I couldn't remember was the Truman Doctrine.

I took one quiz earlier tonight and I'm reading Chapter 29 right now (even though I'm blogging) and then I'll take that quiz tonight too. That will leave me one to take tomorrow and another bonus one (which I'll take too) tomorrow before midnight. I can totally rock this!

I saw my friend Chris yesterday while I was on campus. I've known Chris since high school, he's such a good guy. We're taking Spanish together in the fall and our friend Nathan might take that class with us. I hope he gets in, the more the merrier, because I'm not good at Spanish.

I start my new job on Monday and I'm SO excited. I can't wait to start working and meet some new people.

Off to finish reading about the events of 1968.....


I have lost faith...

in our justice system. How, in America, can someone make death threats to you and your family, folow you and try to run you off the road, stop their truck in tront of your house and scream, "Say goodbye to your family because I'm gonna get you", drive by your house at 2 miles an hour honking their horn, and park and sit outside your house staring you down. How can this happen and our request for a VPO get denied? Seriously. I am in shock, I'm hurt, I'm angry, and I'm fearful for my family's safety. If this isn't stalking, then I just don't know what is.

After this ordeal, I can't help but take a step back and examine my life. My family truly is amazing. This crisis has brought us closer together and made us very grateful for eachother. Today when we were in court when my dad was talking to the judge about everything we've been going through he said, "Until someone makes death threats to you and your family, you will never know the fear my family and I have been through" while saying that his voice cracked and his voice quivered. Hearing this brought me to tears. Here is my father, defending his family. I couldn't help but cry, right there in court. I feel blessed that I have such a caring family who stands together.

We had quite the entourage this afternoon too. So many neighbors showed up to support us and testify on our behalf. Situations like this show you who your true friends are. We are very grateful to each and every one of them.

What's next? It's not over. Civil harrassment cases, and a few other things are up in the air right now. We're sick....we're tired.....and we're ready to fight. We're not tolerating any more of this junk. (my new favorite song is Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It").

I need to get going....I have a final tomorrow in my history class so I should get studying.


Makes me laugh...

So today I'm reading for my history class and I got to the shapter called "That Old Time Rock 'n' Roll" which I found quite amusing...

"teenages who listen to rock and roll will be addicted to pleasures of the body." Pleasures of the body! Oh my! *giggles*

What were these "scandalous" songs of the time? "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd've Baked A Cake" by Eileen Barton along with Rosemary Clooney's lyrics, "Come on-a my house / I'm gonna give you candy." Surely she wasn't talking about a Hershey bar....if you know what I mean.

"Pat Boone made rock 'n' roll safe for tender ears, hearts and other organs." Seriosuly?!?!

Maybe I'm the only one that finds this humorous....this chapter also talks about Dick Clark's American Bandstand and how the dancers were between 14 and 18. They had strict dress codes and most dances were done solo so the guys wouldn't feel up the girls.

That was so taboo for the time. Now just look....you can watch tv and hear the word "bitch" now. (For real, I heard it last night on Old Christine). You see butts, cleavage and other body parts.

My my how times have changed...


What I did today...

What a busy day I had! I made the first two layouts this afternoon. They are using Elsie's "Lola" line and they're SO fun! I'm attempting my "elsie style". I haven't quite perfected it yet, but it's coming along.

My sister (on the right) and our cousin Appollonia. How cute are they?

On a sad note, my friend Reggie died today. I saw it on the news, he drowned. I worked with him for 3 years at Frontier City. So sad.

My latest thing....

This is my afternoon creation. It's not completely finished yet, I'm adding a vintage photo of a girl on the music paper.

There's a vintage antique market at the fair grounds today until 5. I went and got some lovely treasures. I'll post pictures of those later.


Oh The Places You'll Go......my favorites....

This was always my favorite Dr. Suess book. Just thought I'd share pages I have bookmarked...these are some of my most favorite places I go online for creative inspiration and fun stuff.... hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

http://www.drudgereport.com/ - If you're a news junkie like I am, this is the place for you. Most news on here is late breaking, it's updated every 5 minutes with news from all over the world.

http://www.history.com/tdih.do - This Day In History....to fulfill your history cravings....come on....I know you have one!

http://www.trafficland.com - This is SO cool. You can watch video traffic cameras from ALL over the world.

http://www.postsecret.blogspot.com/ - Post Secret. New Secrets every Sunday.

http://www.junkyardbaby.com/thejunkyard.html - They have some really cool stuff on here and the best thing is....it's ALL for sale!

http://sistas7.typepad.com - The Paper Crown....it's only the best store EVER.

http://undertheredroof.typepad.com/under_the_red_roof/ - Some pretties.

http://www.lilybeanpaperie.typepad.com/ - wonderful

Who, What, When, Where, Significance

Can you tell I have a history test tomorrow? I've been studying ALL night.

Wish me luck...


Which one?

I can't decide which one I want...

I love them all. I just love Swarovski!
My mom is coming with me to school today. Well, she's not coming to my class with me, but she's going to go shopping on campus corner while I'm in class today. We're going to lunch and having a fun girls' day. Should be fun!


Meet Lucy...

This is Lucy. I'm babysitting her. Isn't she the cutest?!?! She's super tiny and is just as sweet as can be. I'm giving her back tomorrow and I'm SO sad.


The Truth Hurts...

we are just that hot.

Corrine came by the store last Saturday before her hair appointment. I made her come back by afterwards so we could tkae a picture with out hot new hair do's.


Have I mentioned...

how much I love my school? Every day I'm amazed at the beauty I find on campus. I think one day I'm going to get to school early and try and take one pretty picture inside each building (and trust me, there are probably over 100 buildings!)

This is the Great Reading Room in the Bizzell Memorial Library. My sister thinks it looks like the dining room from the Harry Potter movie. Being that I've never seen Harry Potter...I can't confirm that, but I'll take her word for it.
This is from a stairwell (I cna't remember which building) but I find it somewhat funny.
The puppy sitting is going well. Lucy is the cutest thing ever! I'm going to have a very hard time giving her back on Tuesday. Maybe I'll just keep her and see if they notice......*wink*

I'm in the mood to do a scrapbooking swap. Any suggestions?

Hello Saturday!

Whew! What a day! I worked at The Paper Crown all day yesterday and then Corrine, Cheri' and I all got take out and then made crowns. Such fun! The night was full of laughs and good times with some really fun girls. Corrine took pictures, so I'll have to wait until she posts them before I can show you!

I've got so many little errands to run today....I need to take my sisters' paycheck to her bank, I need to wash my car and a million other little things.

I better get off here and go get ready. Have a fun day!!!


Holly's Favorite Things...

Kinda like Oprah's Favorite Things but with my own special spin....

I love Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. Duff Goldman is a genius! I've always wanted to take a Wilton Cake Decorating class. Maybe one day....

With my new snazzy job I'll be rollin' in the dough. So my sister and I created wish lists at www.swarovski.com we love their jewelery.

Dog sitting and house sitting. You can make some serious money doing this! I'm watching my neighbors' dog Lucy and house sitting for them and I've had 2 more neighbors ask me about house sitting too. *cha ching !!!*

I had my history test today. I think I did alright on it. We'll have to see!

I'm so excited about our girls' party at the Paper Crown tomorrow night. I love Corrine and Cheri' and we're going to have the best time!

Okay, that's all for now.....more later!


A note to my professor...

Hi again!

I'm back and overwhelmed with stuff for school. I have a reading quiz to take tonight and a test tomorrow. I'm ready...(I think) keep your fingers crossed for me. So, Professor Metcalf...BRING IT ON!


How about a new post?

School was great today. Nothing too exciting happened. We just talked about the west and the United States moving from the gold and silver standard to paper currency. It was quite interesting.

I'm hoping gas prices go down soon....having an SUV is so expensive!!!

I'm pupy sitting for my neighbors. Her name is Lucy and she's a weenie dog. She's as cute as can be but slightly annoying....she follows me EVERYWHERE. Plus she wakes up about 3 times a night, which is not good when you're super tired. On a positive note, she rings a bell when she has to go outside....our dogs have picked up on it now too....

Off to bed!


One short post

Stop the drama....just stop it, okay?

I didn't make it to school today....I did take my quiz online and makde a 90! Yay!

I can't wait for school tomorrow!


Don'tcha just love Fridays?

This is a tad bit old, but I'm in an old funky mood today. I love the All American Rejects video for their song, "Move Along" Check it out. http://youtube.com/watch?v=FSbGur1dz9k if you're a fan of Post Secret, you'll like their one for "My Dirty Little Secret" http://youtube.com/watch?v=AHd3ck6fHBw

You know what really bothers me? When people talk about stuff they don't know about. Sure, you can have an opinion, but don't speak as if you are an expert when you're not. I, for one, like to know where all of my professors went to school and what they majored in which is listed on most of our syllabi. Like, how do I know that they're qualified to teach this material, ya know? For the most part everyone has turned out well. I have had a few TA's teach classes, which makes me nervous. To make my point....I'm watching The Today Show this morning and there's Stacey London from What Not To Wear hosting a segment about parenting. Now wait a second. Stacey London is not married, nor does she have children. How is she qualified to talk to us about parenting? Seriously. Assuming I had children, I won't take my parenting tips from some woman who tells people that you don't wear pastels with leopard print shoes. There....that's my rant for the day.

I'm going to scrap my little heart out today and see what I can come up with. The blue one in the previous post is my favorite.


A few new things.

Never too busy for scrappin time! This is my dad and his brothers. (The second from the left is my cousin Tyler, not one of my dad's brothers). We call these their "Waldo Shirts" and all of the brothers have them. My dad's oldest brother Harold is missing from this picture. It's not quite done, the title will read "Where's the Westin" but I haven't added the "where's the" part yet.

My and my sister! I love this one!

Gotta love Miss Maggie.
A close up of my hair now that it's colored and fixed properly!


Before you go...

Just a quick picture before we took Whitney to the airport this morning. Check out our rockin new hair. Hers has more blonde in it (she's a natural dirty blonde) Mine has some blonde, caramel and a reddish brown and it's SO cute. I love how Jessica styled it too. It's a keeper, for sure!
Bye Whitney!