Things You Didn't Know At This Time Last Year

I know you all are extremely intelligent (I mean, look, you read my blog)! I found these interesting and thought I'd share....

WD-40 dissolves cocaine - it has been used by a pub landlord to prevent drug-taking in his pub's toilets. Who uses drugs in a toilet?!?!

One in 10 Europeans is allegedly conceived in an Ikea bed. I would believe it, I mean, have you ever been to Ikea? WOW!

Until the 1940s rhubarb was considered a vegetable. It became a fruit when US customs officials, baffled by the foreign food, decided it should be classified according to the way it was eaten. Have you ever had rhubarb? It's amazing. IT looks like red celery. Eaten raw, it's got a tart taste, but when it's cooked, it's sweet.

Bosses at Madame Tussauds spent £10,000 separating the models of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston when they separated. It was the first time the museum had two people's waxworks joined together.

It's possible for a human to blow up balloons via the ear. A 55-year-old factory worker from China reportedly discovered 20 years ago that air leaked from his ears, and he can now inflate balloons and blow out candles.

The Queen has never been on a computer, she told Bill Gates as she awarded him an honorary knighthood.

When faced with danger, the octopus can wrap six of its legs around its head to disguise itself as a fallen coconut shell and escape by walking backwards on the other two legs, scientists discovered.

There are an estimated 1,000 people in the UK in a persistent vegetative state.

Australians host barbecues at polling stations on general election days.

Giant squid eat each other - especially during sex.

First-born children are less creative but more stable, while last-born are more promiscuous, says US research.

One in 18 people has a third nipple.

Just thought I'd share those with you. Hope you have a nice day!


love's on your list of things to do....to bring your good life back to you...

Ahoy my loyal readers!

How was your day? Mine was pretty good. I hung out and was lazy most of the day. My dad and I went to Lowe's to return some lights for his building and then ate lunch. I had to be at work at 4, and I got off at 8:15.

I'm listening to my Sheryl Crow CD "Wildflower". It's really good. I like it a lot. I think she and Lance Armstrong are so cute together. *aww*

I need to wash my hair....eh...I'll do it tomorrow morning. Speaking of tomorrow morning, I have to work all day....*barf*

I can't wait to transfer! I saw my most favorite person today! Stephen works at the branch in Mustang. I love him! He has a hot scottish accent. He's from Scotland. He came over today to say hi. He's such a nice guy. I want to find a socttish husband. Maybe I'll start searching right now...


I'll do what I have to do as long as I come home to you....


I'm talking to my best pal Jeromee right now. I think he's going to be one of those life long friends you have. I can picture us being old and calling eachother all the time...or at least emailing. I love him to death.

Did I mention that I was sick? If I didn't...I'm sick. Coughing, runny nose, sneezing, stuffy nose...the works. It's not fantastic. Add that on top of my eye infection and...oh yea...I'm looking extremely sexy.

I don't have to be at work tomorrow until 4:15 (what the hell?) So, I think I'm going to go to work with my dad. It'll be fun. Then Thursday I open and close. Friday I open and close and Saturday I open and close. So that should be fun....except not.

Jeromee is going to The Hero Factor concerts with me in Norman. I'm pretty excited about it. I can't wait. I love The Hero Factor. My friend Rob is in a band called Super Cat and he's good friends with them, so that's even cooler.

My nose hurts. You know when you keep blowing your nose, how the tissue rubs against it? My nose is rubbed raw. Damn you, Kleenex!

OKay, I think I hear a bubble bath calling my name.


When the moon is in the 7th hour and Jupiter aligns with Mars....

You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you have to do something that you don't want to do? I've got that feeling right now. I have to work tomorrow and I don't want to go. I sued to love my job, but ever since I said I was transferring it's been horrible at work. I'm looking forward to getting out of there and getting to my new bank.

I really want to start subsititute teaching. But that's going to be hard since I have to be at work at 2:00 after the first of the year. I'll be part time then. I'm taking summer school this summer. It'll be my first time taking summer school, so I'm a little nervous/excited about that. But if I have class in the morning and I don't have to be at work until 2, I was thinking about maybe getting another job. We'll see about that though.


Merry Christmas

Christmas time is here again, and I, for one, am truly blessed. I have a wonderful family and everyone is in good health. We all got to spend this holiday together, which means more to me than anything.

We had a fantastic day and opened lots of presents. My mom grilled steaks out for lunch and we had garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli cheese casserole, rolls, cranberry jello salad and other goodies. Steve, Ann and Larry came over, and we opened presents and watched "The 40 Year Old Virgin" while eating pumpkin pie and cranberry apple crisp.

We're winding down for the day. My mom and dad are in the study uploading Christmas pictures on to the family website. Whitney is over at her boyfriend's house and I'm here, just sitting on the couch with my laptop, while Susie is taking a nap on my leg.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to make a few small Christmas returns. Whitney got me 2 pairs of pajamas, one is too big and the other is too small. So, I need to return them for the correct sizes. Other than that, I have no plans. I'd like to sleep in, but I don't know if that will happen or not.

I'm dreading going to work Tuesday. I know it's only a 4 day work week, but I'm still not looking forward to it. But the good part is that I'll be part time after the first of the year. I can't wait to transfer to the MidFirst on Reno and Mustang Road, and then school starts back up. It'll be nice to get my life back to normal since the holidays overwhelm me. I also need to build back my checking and savings accounts. *ha ha*

Well, that was my Christmas post. Enjoy, and I'll talk to you all later!


Silver bells, silver bells...

Merry Christmas everyone. So, here we are. I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already. My mom is making dinner, we're having stew. It was my idea and I can't wait to eat it tonight. Yum.

Did I tell you that I made dinner 2 times this week? On Tuesday I made chicken, potatoes and cheesy biscuits. Then, on Thursday I made chicken timballo. It's wonderful. It's a spicy marinara sauce with thin slices of grilled chicken, green peppers, onions, black olives with melted motzerella on top. It's so good. This was my frist time making it, but it turned out great.

My aunt Lauri called this afternoon. I love her. She's so cool. We were making all of these big plans for the upcoming year. We're thinking of visiting her in Rapid City during the summer. My cousin Jane is getting married in Omaha in July. Lauri also mentioned us coming up to the Black Hills for New Years next year, which would be so fun since we dont' get much snow here, and you know up there there would be a TON of snow!

Well, kiddos, it's time for me to go...I don't know if I'll have time to post tomorrow, so if I dont' talk to you, Have a blessed holiday!


Happy Birthday to me!

I'm 21! My party was super fun. We had a good time. My aunt is taking me to Las Vegas! I got a diamond necklace in the shape of a martini glass and $40! Whitney got me a bottle of SKKY and some red wine along with some martini glasses and wine glasses and some cosmo mix. I also got 2 dozen pink roses from my parents. Leslie got me some white roses.

I had a great birthday!


4 hours....

I'll be 21 in 4 hours!

I want a Sex on the Beach.


Give me sunshine when I only see rain

Good morning.

Yesterday was bad at work. Lindsay and I got in it once again*go figure*. I'm just ready to transfer. I just want it to be all over with. Lisa ended up calling this lady in HR who deals with employee conflict. The upper management just has to see that there's something wrong here. Kyle and I are leaving and Lisa, Jen and Liz are just teetering on the edge of leaving.

One of our customers is bringing us lunch today. She said it was a Christmas present. Isn't that sweet of her? I leave at 2 and Lindsay comes in at 1:30 so I won't really have to mess with her today which is fantastic.

Finals are over. I'm so jazzed about that. Now I can just work over the break and not really worry about school or anything.

I started making out Christmas cards last night. I love making them out and hate it at the same time. They're nice, but they're a pain.

My mom made cookies last night. I love the holidays. She bakes like crazy. It's fun and I love her so much.

Speaking of things I love so much...Susie is asleep on my bed. In the morning she comes into my room and lets out a little whimper to let me know she's there. I puck her up and put her in bed with me. She's still under the covers now. It hate waking her up when I have to leave, because then during the day she's in the laundry room with Cricket and Frankie. Oh well, they all get along great.

Okay, well I have to leave for work now. I'll see you guys later.


Walking down fifth avenue I looked up and I saw you

Hi everyone.

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday. I bought a philosophy book for David. I also got a book called "Witnessing America" and it's a true life recollection of American history through journals and stuff. It's really good. I also bought "Visual History of the World". It's good too.

I had to work late today. The shit hit the fan at work today. Lindsay and Kyle got in a huge fight. It resulted in Kyle putting in his two weeks notice. He was going to put it in next week, but it just came early. I do't know what they're going to do once Lisa puts in her notice. The shit will really hit the fan then. We're having her birthday party Friday. I think I'm going to get her a book. She's a big reader.

I went out to dinner with Whitney and her boyfriend. We went to Outback. I ate a little bit, but then I started feeling sick so I pretty much got everything to go.

Alright, well, good luck to everyone on their finals.


yoo hoo!

Remember me? I know it's been a while, but trust me, I've been swamped.

First of all, I'm transferring! I'm moving from the MidFirst in Yukon Wal-Mart to the MidFirst on Reno and Mustang Road. I'll move on Jan 9th which is the first day of my classes at UCO.

I don't have to be at work until 1 tomorrow. I might run to school and sell my books and buy my books for next semester.

My birthday is next week. I'm so excited. My uncle Todd will be in town and we're all going to Outback. Jessica and I are going out for my birthday on Saturday. We're going to the Loony Bin. It should be fun.

Alright, well, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'm still alive!


Something's there that I can't see...

Hi everyone. I hope you're having a great weekend.

First off, Mustang lost their game for the state championship. I'm proud of them getting there in the first place. Good job Broncos!

I'm sure you're dying to know what my surprise was! My mom and I went to a play. It's called "A Tuna Christmas". It's so funny. These 2 men write it and star in it. They each play about 8 characters. There's a whole "Tuna" series of plays. While I was there, I saw Dr. Nelson, my Marketing Education faculty advisor. So, I talked to him while we were leaving.

On Saturday I stopped by the branch on Reno and Mustang Road to talk to Melissa about transferring out there. It would be from 2:15 to 6:15 4 days a week and 8:45 to 12:30 on Saturdays. So, it's absolutely perfect. Tomorrow I have to talk to Lori and see what she says. I really hope she'll let me go because I want to go over there so bad.

My mom and I are cooking dinner. She's making cheesy garlic mashed potatoes and I made baked chicken with mushrooms on top. I love mushrooms. Yum! I also want to make biscuits.

I'm thinking I want to take a bubble bath tonight. Mmm, I love baths. We also need to take our family Christmas picture sometime soon.

Brr! It's cold. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 38! Wow! That's flippin cold!
Stay warm everyone!


Go Mustang!

So, tonight my high school football team is playing for the State Championship. Right now, they're losing 07 to 27, but I'm sure they'll rebound after half time.

There was this huge controversy at work today. We have those little Salvation Army angels on our tree, so you can take an angel, go buy a gift for a child and return it to the bank and we turn it over to the Salvation Army of Canadian County. Well, Lindsay took all of the angels off the tree today because she didn't think they looked pretty on the tree. This infuriated us. She put the angels on this little table over in the corner (where nobody can see it). So, Jennifer and I took them and put then over by our teller stations and taped them to the counter.

Then, Lindsay's mom's boyfriend got sent to Iraq and will be there through Christmas. She wanted us all to give her $10 so we could send a care package to him. We were all a little shocked that she asked us to send stuff to her mom's boyfriend. I have a cousin in Afghanistan and I am planning on sending him a care package. She got so pissed off. I don't think it should matter who you give to as long as you give to something.

I'm really considering putting in an application to be transferred to the branch on Reno and Mustang Road. They have a part time position and I want to work there so so bad! I love Lisa, Kyle, Jen and Liz and my manager, Lori, but I'm ready to work at a free standing bank and not an in-store.


I'm a bit intrigued

So, my mom told me not to make any plans for Sunday afternoon, and frankly, I'm concerned. She told me to dress up and that she was taking me somewhere for my birthday. But, you see, my birthday isn't for 2 more weeks. Hm...I wonder what it could be. She promised me that it wasn't a surprise party because I really hate surprise parties. They just make me nervous for some reason. I'm hoping it's a ladies fancy tea party. I know it sounds silly, but I think it would be fun to dress up and eat fancy food. So...I don't know what's going on...but I'm scared.