It's been a while...

So, I finally found a little bit of time to get my hair cut. It needed it, seriously. Anyway, it's a little shorter and the prefect cut for summer. Ahh. Love it.
I haven't been around much lately. School is kicking my butt and I've been working a TON lately. About 70 hours last week and 50 this week. Whew! Can't wait to get my check! Should be Niiiiice!
I feel like such a slacker lately. I haven't had time to scrap or make anything. *so sad about that* So busy lately. Sigh!
Friday was "Parent's Day" at OU. I brought my mom to classes with me and she had a great time. I'm really glad she wanted to come and see me in action. *ha ha* Plus, she went to OU when she was in college so it was fun to hear a few stories (like getting stuck in the elevator in George Cross Micro tower)! I almost talked her into skipping class with me, but since we're such good students, we went anyway.
I'd love to sit and type more, but I have a Spanish test tomorrow and it's calling my name. Can you hear it? "Hollly.....come study! You have a C in Spanish and you should be practicing your vocab and not playing online". See? I told you!


I've been tagged!

Susan from Creative Destination http://www.creativedestination.typepad.com/ tagged me, so I should probably play along, right?

Here are the rules:
* Link to your tagger and post these 3 rules on your blog.
* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Here we go...

1. I love blueberry margaritas from The Mont in Norman. Seriously, it's one of the coolest places to eat in Norman, the atmosphere is great and the patio is to die for in the summer. http://www.themont.com

2. I've been biting my nails for as long as I can remember, but 2 weeks ago I stopped and I'm letting them grow out and they're SO pretty!

3. I’m right handed but I drink with my left hand.

4. I can't swim, and I don't any any desire to learn either.

5. I hate big heavy things hanging over my head, I can't go go to museum where they have airplanes suspended from the ceiling - no way!

6. I always always have my toenails painted.

7. I've wanted to be a teacher since I was in 1st grade. I also fell in love with History in high school, so....I'm combining the two and I'll teach history when I graduate!

That was fun! I can't really think of anyone to tag, so feel free to copy and paste this into yuor own blog!


Check out this little pretty!

Don't you just want to gobble this cute jar up? I found it for $6! The corks were 10 cents each and I think they look so darling together. I'm loving it, for sure.

I officially survived midterms! Whew! Time to relax a bit, huh? I'm so excited to have them out of the way. Now it's just officially one week until spring break. I'm just a little bit excited, can you tell? Unfortunately, I don't have any spring break plans. Instead I've picked up several shifts at the hospital, so maybe I can make some extra $$ over the break and I want to make lots of cute things! I need to finish my "Let Them Eat Cake" art from Everyday is a Holiday. I've been meaning to finish it for some time, so that's definitely on my to-do list this week.