Once More...

My class went pretty good on Tuesday. I forgot that I haven't made a post about that. I had 3 ladies in my class, everyone did a great job.

I got back a while ago from taking Drew to the airport. Drew is the other Devon petroleum engineering intern from OU. He and Whitney are both going to Wyoming together. I *heart* Drew and I want them to fall in love this summer. (That's my prefect world scenerio, anyway.)

I'm so excited about Whitney's party tonight. It's going to be great.

Tonight is bunco night with the ladies from my mom's work. I'm jealous because I want to play, however they're up in Edmond.

Guess what I spent $47.26 on today? If you guessed "gas" ding ding ding You would be correct. Ohhhh, at times like this I loooove the fact that I drive an SUV. Can you hear my sarcasm? (Even though I really really do love my Equinox).

Ever since I are Bon Jovi on American Idol, I've been listening to him non stop (Well, I've been switching between him and the Wicked soundtrack). *sigh* He's gorgeous!

Things/People I love right now....
1. Glenn Beck - the man is pure genius. Listen to him from 8-11 on 1000KTOK. You'll be smarter, I guarantee it.
2. Strawberries - got some awesome strawberries a few days ago...SOOO good.
3. Sean Hannity - watch him debate with Al Sharpton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilo393IsgUE This man is brilliant. LOVE HIM!
4. Bubble Bath!!!!

That's all I can think of right now.....

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Glenn Beck is a moron, and just because George W. put a few black people in authority positions in his administration in no way makes him better than Bill Clinton.

It's that kind of ignorant mentality people get by watching fox news.