Am I more than you bargained for?

Good morning and Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone has a fun day of grilling out planned. You know, ribs, brisket, potato salad, deviled eggs, corn on the cobb, strawberry shortcake...yum! (Yes, I left out baked beans on purpose, I hate them).

I've got so much to do this week!!! I need to make a list. I'm one of those weird people that writes everything down. I have a planner too....yes, I'm a nerd, I know. But I stay organized and I'm always on time, so....there ya go.

Holly's To-Do List for 05.29-06.03


1. Get student ID made at OU. (Can you believe it costs $15 to get your ID made? I think the first one should be free and then if you ruin it you should have to pay for a replacement. Maybe I'll write David Boren a letter about that...)

2. Enroll in P SC 3443, Mass Media and Politics. I need a political science elective and this class is about the role mass media plays in politics, elections, and stuff like that. Anyone who truly knows me knows that I'm a Fox News Junkie. I also rarely listen to music on the radio, I'm a Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity girl, so this class should be really good.

3. Stop by the OU Bookstore and get books for Mass Media and Politcs and Sociology.

4. BINGO at The Vista with Meaghan, Ruthy and Laura! (I want to sit by an old lady)

And that's just Tuesday!!! Craziness!

I wonder if there's anything exciting happening around town today. My dad is working on the sidewalk from our house to the storm shelter. He dug this....walkway thing and now he's been filling it with sand and these old big stones. It'll look cool once it's done, but for right now, it's a big wet mess becuase of the rain. Speaking of rain, my mom checks the rain gauge religiously. Seriously, every time it rains she's out there checking it. So last night while they were at a party, I went outside and dumped some water in it. So, when she goes to check it she'll think there was a lot of rain. *ha ha* I'm so mean!

Alright, I need to take a shower and get prettied up for the day. Have a good one.