My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

This is what $196.57 looks like at OU. GEEZ! My ID is so cool. I bought this lanyard thing to put it in so I don't lose it. The top 3 books are for my June "Mass Media and Politics" class, it's my political science elective and I am SO excited about this class. The bottom two books are for my History 1865-present class in July.

I've done a bit of research on my professor for the Poly Sci class. He's David Boren's assistant. (Let's just hope this means he isn't a flaming liberal). I've started to read the books for this class. They're good and easy to read, which is a plus since there's three books for a 4 week class. I'm hoping that if I start reading now then I'll have a better grasp on the material. Since it's only a 4 week class, I can guarantee it's going to move very quickly. I'm a nerd and an over-achiever....I can't help it. Blame my mom.

I can't believe school starts in 5 days! Eek. I feel like a little kid on her first day of school....what will I wear? *ha ha* No, but seriously....what will I wear?

I checked the status of my application for the Geography department. All day it said "in progress" but when I checked 10 minutes ago, it said, "refered to hiring department" so hopefully that means that good things will be coming my way. I really want this job....bad. Especially since geography is a big part of a social studies education degree. I think I have like, 13 or 14 hours of geography for this major.