It was the Heat of the Moment....

Still listening to Asia...man, I love that song. You'll recognize it if you've seen The 40 Year Old Virgin. It's playing when he's riding his bike chasing her in the car.

The Great American Job Hunt continues....I applied for 3 more jobs today. Then I went with my dad to Norman. We made an appearance at the postal training center and then went to lunch. Fun times. They have this huge duck pond out front, I remember when I was little, I held the door open and Whitney got behind a little flock of ducks and chased them into the building. Only like a mommy duck and her two little babies actually came in. Once they were in the building we weren't too sure what to do with them. So, we went back to our dad's office and left the ducks in the hall. You could hear them quacking down the hall and we would spin in his office chairs and just laugh and laugh. *sigh* Good times.

Tomorrow my dad and I are going to the Big 12 baseball game to see Nebraska play Texas Tech. Let's just hope this year, I don't take a baseball to the face again.


~Kim said...

GEEZ Holly! You should perhaps get a face mask to wear tomorrow. That is some scary stuff there sister! I'm so glad that you returned to normal. Have fun at the game...both are good teams so it will be a good game!

What a cute little story about the ducks...that makes me laugh.