Feeling Croppy?

Come see me tomorrow! I'll be working the crop from 6-midnight at the Paper Crown. If you can't make it to the crop, I'll be there all day Saturday from 10-5. Plenty of chnces to come see me and get your projects done.

I'm subbing my last day tomorrow! I'll be teaching English and Journalism at the high school and filling in for one of my most favorite teachers I had in high school. Should be lots of fun.

I'm in the mood to do some cooking tonight. However, my mom wants something with shrimp. Freakin yuck! So, maybe I'll make something with chicken for me. All I know is that I want to cook!!! I just need to find a fantastic recipe.

I stopped by The Crown to see Miss C today. (She's my most favorite) I tell ya, just visiting with her immediately puts me in a good mood. She's the best. SMOOCHES! *wink*