I've got that something that's been going around.....

Creative juice perhaps? Just a few little pretties I made this afternoon. My former high school (which is also the school I substitute teach at) made it to the state championship in girls basketball, they lost, but they fought their little hearts out. So sad for them, and yet so proud that they made it that far! They were the State Champions last year.

This little cutie is my friend Kim's daughter, Kensington. Tell me she's not the cutest thing you've ever seen. *sigh* LOVE that girl!!!

I got the inspiration for the paper pieced house from Teresa;s blog. http://www.teresamcfayden.typepad.com/ lots of yummy goodies there for your reading pleasure!

Finally, the wedding page is a leftover picture from my cousin Jane's wedding. Such a happy day!

That's all folks! Toodles!
P.S. - I must be more productive tomorrow! I have so much work for school to do (see previous post) and did I do any of it today? Nope. What a procrastinator I am!


~Kim said...

Dang girlie, you are so efficient! I mean I just saw those on my kitchen table about 3 hours ago and now they are plastered on the web! : )

Looks awesome!