The Day After...

Good morning! Man! Yesterday was LOADS of fun. I worked at the store all day and Kim, Joey and Kensington came by. Everyone was wearing green of course, they're such a cute little bunch.

A little while later, Meaghan and her sister Julie came by to say hi. Meaghan thought the store was the most adorable thing ever. She's all about the shabby chic motif.

After work I drove down to Norman and Meaghan and I went to O'Connell's for their St. Patrick's Day party. Talk about fun! We met our friend Ruthy down there and drank a green beer. Meaghan was pretty tipsy, I only had one drink because I was driving. I have never seen so many intoxicated people in my life. Craziness!

No big plans for today. I might make a few scrapbook pages, maybe do some shopping...who knows.

My mom has Thursday off so we're going to have a girls day. I think we'll go to the Oklahoma Museum of Art and then get pedicures. So fun!

Alright, it's 11:15 and I'm still in my pajamas....I should get going.