Owl Always Love You

What is the deal with all of the owls now? I've been seeing them everywhere. This one is on top of OU's Engineering building. How did they get it up there? And why is it green?

I've been so busy this week. Life is so crazy and hectic right now. Does life come with a PAUSE button? I'll be going to Edmond tonight to see the boyfriend and study for Math. I really need a good grade on this test. We can use a note card so that's good.

I'm extremely excited about working at 7ML this weekend. I hope I get inspired to make something wonderful. It seems like every time I work I come home so....inspired and with this creative energy. This is a good thing. I can totally tell a difference in my work since I've started working there.

Subbing was alright today. I had 9th graders and I was teaching Oklahoma History which is totally my thing. They were decent, but man, they just don't listen to a word you say. Plus, just my luck, we had a tornado AND a fire drill. I hate being in charge when they have those...scary.

Have you been keeping up with American Idol? Keep your eyes on that Lakisha Jones girl. She's awesome. I love her voice.