Work was awesome yesterday. I hung out with Cheri' all day. She's so awesome, that girl totally cracks me up. Anyway, I got so much work done yesterday. I did my first layout of me and Zac. I did my best to make it as manly as possible and not too girly. Although, there is some hand stitching on my page. Oh well, it's cute. I also made some garland! This was my first attempt at making garland. I saw one at the store that Corrine had made and it was gorgeous. So, I had to make one of my own. I used the Twinkle Type letters and the black and white Imaginicene papaer along with some green Bazzill paper. I had to put the banner close together so it would all fit in the picture, but when it's all stretched out, it's about 2 yards long. I'm hooked, I must make more!!!


~Kim said...

Holy Moses....that is stinkin' adorable Holly!!!! You must show me how to make such a wonderous something! I would love to make one with Kensington's name on it for her room....would that not rock??? SO CUTE!!!!!!

I want to see this lo of you and Zach too missy!