A few things to start my day....

Valentines Day was great. I subbed at the high school doing Special Education. Then I came home and studied for my Child Psychology test. I made Zac some chocolate covered strawberries and brought them up to his work. Then he came home with me to meet the parents. I attempted to show him how domesticated I am and make him a grilled cheese...however, his got burned. Woops! He ate it anyway. Zac left around midnight and I went to bed. This morning my mom stuck her head in my room while I was fixing my hair and said, "I like him, he's a keeper". That's good news.

Well, I must run. I'm in the LA building in the computer lab "studying" for my Child Psychology test at 11:00.

I need to get some pictures of Zac so I can scrapbook with them. He'll be gone to Stillwater tomorrow night for some frat thing and then he leaves for Chicago on the 22nd. Emma, Meaghan and I are having a girls weekend on the 23rd-25th and gettting pedicures, going to a girly movie and then out to dinner. Lots of girly fun! I haven't seen Meaghan in forever it seems.

Got my Math quiz back....80. I'm happy with that. I'm just anxious to see how I did on my Oklahoma History test. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.