Busy girl

Let me just say that I don't like middle schoolers. They're in this weird funk. Too old to be treated like children, not old enough to be treated like adults and they're so loud. They talk and talk and talk and then you say shhh! You guys need to get busy. I don't want to leave anyone's name for detention. They're quiet for maybe....30 seconds, then you hear a whisper across the room, and all hell breaks loose.

I spent most of the day working on my essays for my european history test tomorrow. There are 5 ID questions where you have to write a paragraph about each of the terms and then we have 2 essays. He gave us the study guide last week with all of the terms for the ID's and 8 Essays on it. Of the 30 ID terms he'll choose 5 for us to write on and of the 8 essay questions, he'll choose 2 for us to write on. I studied my ass off today, let me tell ya. I wrote 8 essays, using my notes and the books for the classes. There's just so much material. It's not even funny.

On top fo that stuff, have I mentioned my Math project that's due tomorrow? Or how about my Oklahoma History quiz? I also have a Math test on Thursday. Nice, I know....

I don't have pictures of any new creations to post today. *sigh* That makes me sad. The new guy my sister is dating, Chris saw my shadow box I made for Shannon and sent me a little note that said, "You've got some damn good skill, Holly". Totally made my day.