Just a quick note...

I'm subbing 6th grade geography today and tomorrow is American History. I seriously think it's fate. Ever since I decided for sure that I'm going to be a teacher, I've gotten the best sub jobs. I'm especially excited about today and tomorrow. It's gonna be great, even though I think middle schoolers are weird.

So, I got a note back from Zach. I'm not going to get myself excited and worked up about it because it seems like when I get excited about someone it doesn't work out. So, I'll save myself from that whole mess and just live one day at a time. It's easier that way, trust me.

So, I was watching FOX NEWS this morning at 7:30 and that girl that met Hanson on Deal or No Deal, Jackie Monroe, is donating $8,000 so this girl can get survery. How kind is that? Hanson fans are the best, I tell ya.

My mom has today off work. I love days when my mom is home. I won't be home to hang out with her, but she's going to sew all day. She's going to start on another quilt for me very soon. Horray! Have I mentioned how much I love and treasure the quilts she makes me? I love them so much. What a fantastic heirloom to pass on to my children one day!

Alright, I must get going. I have to be at the school earlier today since I'm at middle school! Have a fun day!


~Kim said...

I hope you are having so much fun subbing 6th graders today! Maybe, just maybe they will be better than those stinky 9th graders! : )