Go Mustang!

So, tonight my high school football team is playing for the State Championship. Right now, they're losing 07 to 27, but I'm sure they'll rebound after half time.

There was this huge controversy at work today. We have those little Salvation Army angels on our tree, so you can take an angel, go buy a gift for a child and return it to the bank and we turn it over to the Salvation Army of Canadian County. Well, Lindsay took all of the angels off the tree today because she didn't think they looked pretty on the tree. This infuriated us. She put the angels on this little table over in the corner (where nobody can see it). So, Jennifer and I took them and put then over by our teller stations and taped them to the counter.

Then, Lindsay's mom's boyfriend got sent to Iraq and will be there through Christmas. She wanted us all to give her $10 so we could send a care package to him. We were all a little shocked that she asked us to send stuff to her mom's boyfriend. I have a cousin in Afghanistan and I am planning on sending him a care package. She got so pissed off. I don't think it should matter who you give to as long as you give to something.

I'm really considering putting in an application to be transferred to the branch on Reno and Mustang Road. They have a part time position and I want to work there so so bad! I love Lisa, Kyle, Jen and Liz and my manager, Lori, but I'm ready to work at a free standing bank and not an in-store.