I tried logging in to update this, but it said "password incorrect" twice. I was beginning to panic, but luckily, I remembered it.

Sooo....did you watch Grey's last night? It was awesome. Such drama going on. I want George and Izzy to get together. I can't wait for Burke and Christina's wedding, and I knew Meredith should have picked the Vet and not McDreamy. Remember, the Vet said, "He'll break your heart again, and when he does, I won't be there". I'm beginning to really not like Callie. I feel bad for Addison because she likes Dr. Karev and he's clueless.

Anyway....finals this next week. I'm pretty excited/sad about that. I really will miss my European History group. Quentin, Desiree, Chris and myself....we're pretty awesome.

I had some really rotten kids today. I sent 3 of them to the office. They were just terrible. We were watching "Contact" today. I don't like showing movies because I stop around the same point every hour and I don't get to finish the movie.

My mom is leaving tomorrow morning for Washington D.C. She'll be there for a week. It sucks having her gone during finals week. Ususally she leaves me a little note saying "Good luck on your test" or soemthing along those lines. *Isn't she SO sweet?!?!* I'm in college, and I still love getting little notes like that.

I'm working at The Paper Crown this weekend. SO excited about that. Hopefully I'll meet some more of the lovely ladies that come in to shop.

My necklace that I ordered off Etsy came in yesterday. Look for me wearing a pendant with an owl on it.