With my new house I'm having to buy EVERYTHING. I have very few things to furnish a house, so I've been picking up things here and there to give it some chic-ness.

Painted glazed flower pots....$3.99 each. Aren't they so cute? I can't wait to fill these with beautiful flowers!

My kitchen will be pink and green. Found these placemats yesterday while in Shawnee with my awesome friend Jessica.

See these? They make my heart melt. HAND EMBROIDERED pillow cases with HAND STITCHED lace. Perfect for my guest room and they were a steal!

A surprise present from Jess, an embroidered dish towel with a pink W on it. Thanks! I love it!

Finally, this is the inspiration for my master bathroom. Love the greenish blue color. Love the dancing photo on the wall (see the reflection in the mirror). Love everything about this bathroom...except for the yellowish picture frame on the counter.