...and so it begins

More house hunting today.

Hopefully I'll find something. Got a few good options open right now...

Work this week was good. Although, I was pretty cranky and unpleasant on Sunday. I've been sick since Saturday. Sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, etc. Today is better, the sore throat is gone, now if only I could get my congestion to clear up....

A couple of my friends Mike and Kim are having a baby girl!!! She's due October 20th. They just found our her gender a few days ago and I am SOOO excited. Her name is Harlie Jo. Super cute! I need to get started on her baby gifts, becuase lord knows once I get my house I'll be spending all my time working on that.


Kim said...

Hang in there girlie....you are going to find that perfect house! Nothing good is every easy....hard to realize when you want it over with NOW! I know exactly how you feel.....we looked for over a year!

We'll have to do lunch when I come back to the city.

Keep me posted on your searches!