My Partner

Meet Gary, my partner for the next 5 1/2 months. He's pretty much the coolest person I know. We met during Academy at work and just "clicked". He's hilarious and we get along magnificently. We spend 48 hours (and sometimes a little more) a week together sitting in the truck, saving lives (once so far!), answering silly calls (a few of those too) and crime fighting (more on that later). We do a LOT of sudoku puzzles and crosswords too. Oh! Have I mentioned that we BOTH listen to 80s music in the truck? Yup. And you know what, sometimes we bust out singing too.

We're developing our own routine right now. We get to work, check the truck off, check our equipment, get gloves for the front and back of the truck, get the bio-bags ready, check out a laptop/toughbook, I hook up my GPS to the truck, grab 2 bottles of water and we're ready to go.
Once we get to our first post we get a newspaper and read that for a while (he always starts with the front page, while I start with the Living section). After the newspaper is read, we bust out trail mix and either Sudoku puzzles or crosswords for a while.

Edit: My gosh! I look terrible in this picture. Pasty white! Geez! Maybe I should go tanning! And look at that cheesy grin! Man! I'm such a fool!
Oh, have I mentioned his extreme strength and dashing good looks? (he made me write that). He loves to flex his muscles in the truck and say, "How's that look?" *rolls eyes* The funny part is that he's trying really really hard not to laugh.

Now, about the crime fighting.... last night we were sitting up in Edmond at one of our posts. We post in this BIG empty shopping center. We decided to listen to the Ohio State / Texas football game since Gary is a big Texas fan (that's his major flaw). Anyway, this white van pulls up to the bank behind their big dumpster. 3 people wearing dark clothing, hop out and are mulling around the building, messing with the ATM and messing around behind the dumpster where the back door to the bank is. We watched them for a little bit and then called the police to come check it out. So, not only do we save lives, but we also dabble in crime fighting. Ha ha ha!