Last night of freedom

Went to Norman last night with Meaghan. This was the bets night I've ever had in Norman. We started off at a birthday party for a friend of Ruthy's. Then Meaghan and I went with a bunch of guys to Logan's on campus corner. I swear, we didn't buy a drink all night. Those boys took care of us. I met this guy, Matt who is so fun. He's one of Ruthy's friends. Meaghan met up with Doug again too. We left Logan's and went to Tara and Ashley's house. They have this little tiny dog named Rex. He was SO darling. We were there for maybe an hour and then we went to Doug's to hang out.

Tyler, Meaghan and Me at Logan's

Meaghan, Matt and Me. I obviously wasn't paying attention.
Me and Matt
Matt and Doug at Doug's house.

School starts tomorrow. I can't believe it!