Horray for Friday

Yay! Friday is tomorrow! *Does Friday happy dance* It's also my Mid-Term for my Mass Media and Politics class. I've been studying and I'm ready to go.

My case study is due next Friday. It's supposed to be between 10 and 15 pages (eek!), but I know I can do it. I'm writing my paper over the firing of the US attorneys since it's current news and there's stuff developing on it all the time.

I'm going to the college of education sometime soon to get advised and have my GPA adjusted.

I also have a job interview on Monday. It's at a hospital in the Human Resources office doing clerical stuff, filing, answering phones, etc. It's occasional part time....even better!

I'm going to finish my third window tonight! I made one during Kim Haynes class at the store and I made one for my friend Meaghan for her sister for Christmas. Now, I just need to use the staple gun to seal up this last one for my parents to take to my aunt and uncle in South Dakota. I'll post pictures of it soon! It's SO pretty.

The me and Matt thing isn't going to work out. We've come to that conclusion....decided we were better off as friends, and ya know what? I'm okay with that. Really.

So...things are going great. I'm content and happy with life right now. *grins* Things are good.


~Kim said...

I still love ya chica!!