A little update...

So busy yesterday and today!

Bank. Post office. Insurance Agency. Tag Agency. Wal-Mart. Then went antiquing with my friend Abbey from work. (quite unproductive, no treasures to be found).

Today, I was awoken at 8:00 by the Cox guy ready to bury my cable line. Then I had lunch with my mom and we went to Ross, Gordman's and Hobby Lobby. I got so much stuff. 2 sets of sheets for my new bed, some ramekins for desserts, a basket for my mail and bills, 2 faux mercury glass apothecary jars, some candles for my decorative plate on my coffee table, place mats, and a flower arrangement for my table. It was quite productive to say the least.

My mom invited me over for dinner, we grilled kabobs and veggies on the grill. It was sooo yummy. I miss my mom's cooking.

My friend Brandon and his wife came over today. They're wanting to buy a house and they came over to pick my brain about houses and the house buying process. It was fun.

Well friends, I'm off to bed for the night.