My favorite commercial...

I love that commercial for K-Mart. It's got the teenage boy and girl out on the lawn. They lean in to kiss and the girl's dad plugs in the Christmas lights and the guy falls backwards and knocks over these lawn decorations. It's really funny.

I got a confession. I've been watching Sex And The City and I'm addicted. I catch an episode here and there and now I watch it every night. I have to admit, I think I like Charlotte the best. For some reason she reminds me of me. She's a bit neurotic and organized and goody goody. Not saying that I'm a goody goody or anything, because I'm not....well, maybe I am, just a little bit.

So, remember that guy I liked? Well, I still like him, but I had to call over to his bank yesterday and when he answered the phone, he sounded so hot. I'm kind of hoping that he asks me to the Christmas party. That would be cool. If not, I'll bring Leslie and we'll just have a good time bowling and stuff. But, how do I get him to ask me? Do I just say something like, "So, are you bringing anyone to the party?" To me, that makes it sound like I'm fishing for him to ask me and I want him to ask me becuase he wants to, not because he has to.

I'm also addicted to bubble baths. I've taken one every single night this week, and I think I'm going to take another one right now.

Ta ta!