Give it up for Pete!

Hello everyone! I know you're dying to hear about the Hanson concert...so here's the full report:

We got to Cain's about 5:00. We were outside because the doors opened at 7. Once we were inside we had a great spot about 12 feet from the stage. It was great. We were there for The Hero Factor, and The Pat McGee Band. While The Pat McGee Band was playing Hanson came out on stage with Nerf guns and suction cup dart guns. The crowd went wild and everyone rushed forward. Then Hanson left the stage and PMGB kept playing. Then, during the last song that PMGB played was a cover of Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me". It was so good. Hanson came out with Silly String and covered them. It was brilliant.

Okay. I'll finish this post as soon as I get back from Wal-Mart with my pictures!