Back here...it' always comes around, back to you..

Ahoy everyone!

Work was good. It seemed like the minutes crawled by. I came home and my dad and I ordered pizza. My mom had to work late tonight. Then, Leslie and I went and saw "Prime". It was good, but all of the funny scenes were in the previews.

Whitney came home and had David with her. They went to Wendy's and they're bringing my back some chili. I love Wendy's chili. It's so good.

Don't you just love "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton". It's one of ym favorite movies. I love Topher Grace. I love the part where Pete is trying to show Tad some farm chores and Tad is good at everything. Poor Pete.

I have no plans for tomorrow. Just be lazy and enjoy my Sunday.

I don't have to go to school at all this week. I'm so excited. No Methods, no Adolescent Psych, and no Marketing. I'm so excited.