New Years Cleaning and Whatnot

Hmmm, another Thursday post. Could this be a trend for 2010? Ha ha!

So far this year is looking to be a great one! I started my new shift at work and it's great. Started the year off with a SAVE! We had a kid 2 weeks ago who had an asthma attack and was in full arrest when we got to him (no pulse, no respirations and asystole on the monitor) With some good CPR, intubation and a breathing treatment down the ETTube, we got him back and he was discharged from the hospital! What fantastic news!

The tree is down and the holiday decor is all put away. I have done some New Years cleaning these past 2 days. changing the air vent, light bulbs, dusting, rearranging furniture, etc. It feels SO great to have a nice clean house to kick off the new year, don't you agree?

I got a new bed for Christmas! Look for pictures up soon. The quilt my mom made is still a work in progress. She has a few more rows of blocks and then it's done! So excited to get it and put it on my bed. Right now, my bed is a mish mosh of TWIN quilts my mom has made, flannel sheets and a fantastic blanket my friend Jessica got me for Christmas. So looking forward to having some unity in the bedroom instead of chaos with a tangle of blankets.

My friend Jessica G is coming over today. She's such a fabulous artist. We're going to get some canvas and paint some pictures to go in my house. Artwork is SO expensive and I think stuff means more when you create it yourself. We're also going to make some Valentines Day wreaths and hang some floating shelves that I got at Kohls. My bedroom is so plain and I'm looking forward to it looking like a master suite FINALLY!

This snow/ice/cold is killing me. I hate hate hate weather like this. This is why I live in Oklahoma. We're not supposed to get cold like this. Schools have been cancelled for the next 2 days. Isn't that a little crazy? Sure, if the weather is bad I understand cancelling school, ice on the roads, snow everywhere. But it's just COLD. Really?!?!

I got promoted at work to Sargent. This means that I'm a Preceptor/Field Training Officer now. I'll get brand new employees and teach them how to drive the ambulance, do patient care according to our protocols, use the radio and basically fuction in our EMS system. I'm so excited about it!

Sean and I went on a double date last night with our friends Lucas and Jennifer. We went to Mama Rojas and it was AWESOME. The atmosphere is really great and the food is to.die.for. Probably some of the best mexican food I've ever had. The roasted salsa is warm and SO delicious. I'll definitely be going back. After dinner, we went to Sean's and had a sangria party and played Jeopardy on the Playstation. I lost by $5! The cold front came through with high winds and blew a transofrmer down the street from his place and we lost power for the rest of the night. So we played scrabble for a while with a candle. Jennifer was on call at work and had to leave around 10:15 and i was shortly behind her at 10:30. The boys stayed up for a while longer doing "boy stuff".....whatever that means.

Well, this was a LONG post! Sorry if you're bored to death. I'll have new pictures up soon! This is one of my New Years resolutions - blog more and work on my blog to make it more interesting!

Take care friends!